D2 Champs 1st Place: Sacred City turns the tables on Nashville, 211-163

D2 Champs 1st Place: Sacred City turns the tables on Nashville, 211-163 Photo credit Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto/

ST. PAUL, MN– The D2 Championship was a rematch between the Sacred City Sacrificers and the Nashville Music City All Stars. These teams faced each other during the playoff season in Detroit, MI where Nashville took the win and claimed first place. There were definite similarities between the Playoff game and the Championship game, as both games were penalty heavy, for blockers and jammers alike. This time Nashville earned 44 penalties, 10 of which were jammer penalties, and Sacred took 46 trips to the box–9 by jammers.

Though both teams struggled to keep all their skaters on the track, Sacred City’s jammers overpowered Nashville in the end, avenging their previous loss with a victory of 211-163, to earn the title of 2015 D2 Champions.

Nashville opened the game with Chelsea Dagger wearing the star against Ariel-LA-Twister who earned lead and a quick 3 points before calling off the jam to keep Nashville off the board. Phantom Power responded with the second lead call and 4 points for Music City, but Pink Freud was able to speed around the track and steal 2 points.

After Lady Fury added 4 more, Nashville’s two jam run was cut short short when Ariel-LA-Twister stepped back on the track and scored 23 points, taking the score to 28-8.

Nashville came out strong in the next jam and Chelsea Dagger kicked off a four jam lead streak where the Music City All Stars added 24 points. During this run, Nashville was able to take advantage of a power jam and and a rash of blocker penalties against Sacred City, including 3 in one jam.

In the first half Nashville committed 6 jammer penalties where Sacred was able to capitalize on power jams and run up the score. The Sacrificers were not without penalties troubles: three jammer penalties-two of which came back to back-and 17 blocker penalties.

At the half Sacred led 110-64 to Nashville.

Nashville’s defense preferred the front of the pack, swarming around the jammer, but often lost them on the outside edges. When Nashville held a pack advantage they elected to move their defense to the jam line, quickly trapping Sacred jammer. Throughout the entire game Electric Boogaloo, Stella Live, and Sugar provided tough defense in the pack and one-on-one.

On Sacred the standout blockers were Lora Stabs and Talls, who often were the ones to recycle Nashville’s jammers to the back of the pack. More often than not, they served as both the first line of defense then reappearing at the top of the pack.

The game was a battle of jammers who often scored in grand slams. Lady Fury was the highest scorer for Nashville with 70 points, and was followed by Chelsea Dagger with 58. On Sacred the standout was Ariel-LA-Twister who scored 122 points for the Sacrificers. The 4closer was the second highest scorer with 54 points. Between Ariel’s speed, agility and high flying apex jumps and the 4closer’s footwork and fight, Sacred created a scoring combination that could not be stopped.

Penalties took a toll on both teams in the second half but hit Nashville a bit harder. By the end of the game Nashville had two players foul out and their leading jammer with 5 trips to the box. Sacred also lost Sassy Long Legs to penalties late in the game.

Sacred City ended the game on top 211-163 over Nashville, beating the team that they lost 1st Place to at Playoffs, to be crowned 2015 D2 Champions.


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