D1 Champs: Gotham tops Jacksonville, 299-114

D1 Champs: Gotham tops Jacksonville, 299-114 Photo by Danforth Johnson. facebook.com/danforth.johnson

ST. PAUL, MN–The reigning world champions, Gotham, continued their winning streak against Jacksonville, 299-114. Though the outcome went as predicted, a few of the game statistics were surprising. In the first half, Jacksonville’s lead jammer percentage was 44.4. This dropped slightly in the second half. Gotham was penalty heavy, particularly at the start of the game but it wasn’t enough to prevent them from running away with the game in the end.

Bonnie Thunders earned the first lead while Erin Jackson was held in the pack for almost the entirety of the jam, ending with a 14-0 lead for Gotham. In the second jam Vicious van GoGo went to the box on a cut and set in motion an uncharacteristically high penalty count for Gotham. For much of the first half, Gotham’s famed swarming wall was reduced to a braced tripod which affected their normally coordinated offense.

Krispy Kreme-Her was named lead jammer after GoGo’s first cut, but a second one allowed Jacksonville to take the lead 15-14. The third jam then began with Vicious van GoGo, who ended the game with 5 penalties, standing in the box for just long enough to help Jamsterella claim lead jammer and extend Jacksonville’s lead 19-17. Gotham reclaimed the lead, 31-19, in the next jam however and never relinquished it.

Gotham’s defense looked a bit looser than normal but was still a force to be reckoned with. Violet Knockout, despite taking 5 trips to the box, held back jammers, tracking them from the inside to outside lines as Sexy Slaydie also policed the lines, ensuring no one had an easy path.

At halftime Gotham led 145-70.

Jacksonville’s defense preferred the front of the pack and found success when they were able to maintain their formations and force Gotham to push. Unfortunately, New Jax City’s walls were susceptible to Gotham’s offense and ineffective once broken up.

Despite an impressive showing and 56 points by Erin Jackson, who used her speed to cut between Gotham’s defense when they were down blockers, Jacksonville simply could not generate enough scoring power to overcome Gotham. Bonnie Thunders ended the game with a total of 150 points and a lead percentage of 73.3%. It was however, the most points scored on Gotham this year.

Gotham advances to the next round, still undefeated after winning 299-114. They will play Victoria tonight at 8:30 CST in one of the D1 semi-final games.

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