2015 WFTDA Champs Central

2015 WFTDA Champs Central Photo by Danforth Johnson.

The 2015 WFTDA Championships have come and gone, and 12 Division 1 teams and 4 Division 2 teams are all gathered at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota to decide the Champions of each Division. If you need to catch up on how all the teams got there, read up on Kansas City and Demolition City’s history in Cleveland, or Nashville and Sacred City’s success in Detroit. Catch up on D1’s Victoria, Bay Area, and Arch Rival from Tucson; London, Jacksonville, and Denver from Jacksonville; Rose City, Texas, and Rat City from Dallas; and Gotham, Angel City, and Minnesota from Omaha.

Each game below is denoted with it’s Division, as D2 started the day Friday and Sunday and you can read a weekend preview of them here, and D1 over here. Teams are also noted with their Champs seeding and WFTDA ranking. You can watch all the archived footage of Friday and Saturday on WFTDA’s YouTube, but the last day belongs to ESPN for 30 days. If you live in the United States, go to ESPN3.com to watch the footage from the last day, and if you live outside the U.S., WFTDA has an archive for you.

You can also read more about the details leading up to WFTDA’s deal with ESPN through Danger’s chat with Double H, the head of WFTDA Broadcasting.

10am CST
Nashville Rollergirls (#1D2D, #46) vs. Demolition City Roller Derby (#2D2C, #29)
Halftime: NRG 113-40 DCRD Final: NRG 232-91 DCRD
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D2G2: 12pm CST (10am PST)
Kansas City Roller Warriors (#1D2C, #34) vs. Sacred City Derby Girls (#2D2D, #47)
Halftime: SCDG 109-67 KCRW Final: SCDG 242-160 KCRW
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D1G1: 2pm CST (12pm PST)
Angel City Derby Girls (#2D1O, #6) vs. Rat City Rollergirls (#3D1D, #12)
Halftime: ACDG 83-70 RCRG Final: ACDG 169-101 RCRG
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D1G2: 4pm CST (3pm MST, 2pm PST)
Bay Area Derby Girls (#2D1T, #9) vs. Denver Roller Derby (#3D1, #7)
Halftime: BADG 88-47 DRD Final: BADG 179-148 DRD
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D1G3: 6pm CST (7pm EST)
Jacksonville Rollergirls (#2D1J, #8) vs. Arch Rival Roller Girls (#3D1T, #10)
Halftime: ARRG 80-57 JRG Final: JRG 149-141 ARRG
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D1G4: 8pm CST
Texas Rollergirls (#2D1D, #5) vs. Minnesota Rollergirls (#3D1o, #13)
Halftime: MNRG 100-94 TXRG Final: TXRG 185-173 MNRG
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 10am CST (4pm GMT)
London Rollergirls (#1D1J, #3) vs. Angel City Derby Girls (#2D1O, #6)
Halftime: LRG 72-58 ACDG Final: LRG 158-126 ACDG
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D1G6: 12pm CST (10am PST)
Rose City Rollers (#1D1D, #2) vs. Bay Area Derby Girls (#2D1T, #9)
Halftime: RCR 104-56 BADG Final: RCR 191-145 BADG
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D1G7: 2pm CST (3pm EST)
Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1D1O, #1) vs. Jacksonville Rollergirls (#2D1J, #8)
Halftime: GGRD 145-70 JRG Final: GGRD 299-114 JRG
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D1G8: 4pm CST (Next Day – 9am AEDT)
Victorian Roller Derby League (#1D1T, #4) vs. Texas Rollergirls (#2D1D, #5)
Halftime: VRDL 76-39 TXRG Final: VRDL 181-85 TXRG
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D1G9: 6:30pm CST
London Rollergirls (#1D1J, #3) vs. Rose City Rollers (#1D1D, #2)
Halftime: RCR 91-73 LRG Final: RCR 166-154 LRG
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D1G10: 8:30pm CST
Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1D1O, #1) vs. Victorian Roller Derby League (#1D1T, #4)
Halftime: VRDL 82-70 GGRD Final: GGRD 143-141 VRDL
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D2G3 3rd Place:
12pm CST
3rd Place: Demolition City Roller Derby (#2D2C, #29) vs. Kansas City Roller Warriors (#1D2C, #34)
Halftime: DCRD 76-57 KCRW Final: DCRD 149-139 KCRW
Recap | ESPN Archive

D2G4 1st Place: 2pm CST
Nashville Rollergirls (#1D2D, #46) vs. 1st Place: Sacred City Derby Girls (#2D2D, #47)
Halftime: SCDG 110-64 NRG Final: SCDG 211-163 NRG
Recap | ESPN Archive

D1G11 3rd Place: 4pm CST
London Rollergirls (#1D1J, #3) vs. 3rd Place: Victorian Roller Derby League (#1D1T, #4)
Halftime: VRDL 66-47 LRG Final: VRDL 122-99 LRG
Recap | ESPN Archive

D1G12 1st Place: 6pm CST
1st Place: Rose City Rollers (#1D1D, #2) vs. Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1D1O, #1)
Halftime: GGRD 114-81 RCR Final: RCR 206-195 GGRD
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