D1O 5th Place: #6 Boston Claws #10 No Coast, 203-139.

D1O 5th Place: #6 Boston Claws #10 No Coast, 203-139. Photo credit Danforth Johnson

OMAHA, NE – In what was predicted to be a close match, Boston Derby Dames’ Boston Massacre took on No Coast Derby Girls’ Mad Maxines. The game was tight and smartly played in the first half with very few penalties and both teams looking very calm and focused on emerging victorious.

The second half, however, showed Boston as a stronger and generally more cohesive team than No Coast, allowing them to maintain a comfortable lead, ultimately taking the win with a score of 203-139.

Early on, Slam Anderson established herself as No Coast’s top jammer, and was able to put the first points on the board for either team in the third jam, after two non-scoring jams. The team was able to hold Boston scoreless until the fifth jam, when Boston was able to gain just two points. By even this early in the game, it was clear that both teams were focused on smart, controlled defense – a trend that would continue through the majority of the game.

No Coast was able to maintain lead, albeit a small one, for nearly half of the first game period. With just over 17 minutes left to play, Boston overtook No Coast, the score sitting 30-22. This prompted No Coast to take a time out, but this didn’t seem to be as effective as they hoped, as Boston continued to rack up points, increasing their lead to 42-22, with barely over 15 mins left in the half.

No Coast had quite a few fans in the crowd, given how close to the venue their town is, and the arena was full of shouts in their favor. While Boston had a small but mighty and committed fan representation as well, making for an even more heightened match between the two teams as shouts of support traded volume.

Boston held No Coast to very few points for several jams, but No Coast then got lead for two consecutive jams, giving them a little more scoring momentum. Unfortunately for the Nebraskans, Boston responded by picking up their own momentum, increasing their lead 55-31 with just under ten minutes left in the half.

The remainder of the first half continued with this same trend. While both teams were fighting hard, Boston wasn’t able to establish a huge point differential and No Coast struggled to put up enough points to get within territory of overtaking Boston. Each jam was typically one team taking 4 points and calling it, as jammers were getting out very nearly at the same time in most cases. As such, the first half had a whopping 27 jams, and by that half, the score was 94-61 in Boston’s favor.

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

The second half began with No Coast calling a time out immediately. The first jam after this had remarkably fast pack speed, with Boston’s Maya Mangleyou claiming lead jammer status, followed closely by Flash Gloria for No Coast. Once again, this was a very fast jam with very few points by either team, a trend that would continue through most of the game.

Slam Anderson continued to be an important jammer for No Coast, helping them chip away at Boston’s lead early in the second half.

The score sat at 95-72, by the time there remained only 25:45 left to play. Boston was not to be underestimated, however, and by the seventh jam, the Massacre had increased their lead 107-72 with a number of convincing additions of their own. By this point, No Coast looked to be losing their foothold a bit, but they were still holding Boston to relatively few points on the scoreboard.

With about 15 minutes left in the half, Boston was maintaining a steady lead, but were still within an easy one or two power jams’ worth of points. No Coast was still poised to potentially overtake Boston, and both teams were still relatively evenly matched in skill, game smarts and penalty management. With just over 15 minutes left to play, the score hit 123-92.

After this, Boston began to really pick up speed. Flyin’ King took advantage of an important power jam situation in Boston’s favor, allowing them to increase their lead with no replies from No Coast, to 141-92. Flyin’ King was also jamming during a later power jam in their favor that also proved to be difficult for No Coast. With about 7:42 left in the game, Boston pulled ahead 176-113 with an impressive 23-point jam, one of the few in the entire game where either team made more than 2 consecutive passes in a single jam.

While No Coast made valiant efforts to hold surge ahead in the final minutes of the game, Boston really showed their smart derby play in the last few jams. The team used strategic time management to run the clock down, increasing their lead simultaneously.

In one of these jams, Hard Times began blocking No Coast’s Flash Gloria as they came back around and approached the pack. By doing this, she slowed down the jam and was able to run the clock down. With 3:30 left to play, the score was 189-134.

No Coast was given a power jam opportunity with just over a minute left to play, but were not able to take scoring advantage of this. And so Boston continued to run the clock down and increase their lead. In spite of No Coast’s best efforts, they were no match for Boston in these final few jams.

In the last jam, Slam Anderson went to the box repeatedly, allowing Maya Mangleyou to run the clock down to 0:00, Boston taking the final win with a score of 203-139.


Photo credit Donna Olmstead

With this win, Boston leaves the tournament one place above their #6 seeding at 5th, while No Coast ends several places improved, leaving with a tournament placing of 6th, from a #10 seed entry postion.

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