D1O: #5 Windy City Powers Past #8 Toronto, 215-138

D1O: #5 Windy City Powers Past #8 Toronto, 215-138 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

OMAHA, NE—The 9th place game at the final playoff tournament for 2015 saw two teams that struggled throughout the 2015 season for different reasons; Windy dealt with retirements and transfers while Toronto powered through retirements, moves, and injuries. Throughout this playoff, both Windy City and Toronto had trouble keeping their jammers out of the box and their blockers on the track. In the final game, Windy City reeled in their penalties, committing only four jammer penalties (all in the first half). Toronto’s penalty woes, however, continued into this game. CN Power committed a total of ten jammer penalties, five per half. Despite earning a higher lead percentage in the first half, 52.2% compared to Windy City’s 43.5%, Toronto CN Power were unable to retain the lead. Windy City took control of the second half with a lead percentage of 61.5 and won the game, 215-138.

Both teams entered their final game of the season hoping to leave Omaha with one win under their belt. Windy City earned the first two lead calls in a row and were put up a small lead of 4-0. Toronto responded by forcing a 0-0 call off in the second jam before Beaver Mansbridge scored 3 points.

CN Power traded lead calls with Windy City over the next few jams, but were not able to take the lead until Windy City committed two back to back penalties, bringing the score to 26-20 after a 20 point jam by Lexi Con.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Bala-Reina for Toronto was next to head to the box, allowing Windy City to complete a star pass to Mah-Ko who briefly reclaimed Windy City’s lead before Toronto retook the lead, ending the jam 42-37. Killa Nois scored four points and closed the gap to one. In the next jam Windy City retook the lead 59-46.

Despite a four jam lead streak for Toronto, the CN Power were not able to reclaim the lead during the remainder of the game. Windy City’s jammers were able to escape the pack quickly enough while Toronto had lead to force early call offs. This made the majority of these jams end before a full scoring pass was completed.

Penalty trouble extended to more than just Windy City’s jammers. Hoosier Mama ended the half with six trips to the box. At the half, Windy City led 107-82.

Windy City opened the second half with a five jam lead streak, where they were able to hold Toronto scoreless. MadMegz was first to break the drought for CN Power with seven points. Both sides traded lead calls and points for the first quarter of the half. Though Windy City consistency managed to make multiple scoring passes opposed to Toronto who added single digits. In the final quarter of the game, Toronto earned seven lead calls. These calls came in groups of two or three, but CN Power struggled to convert the advantage into multiple scoring passes.

Despite getting into early penalty trouble Hoosier Mama managed to skate the second half cleanly. Hoosier Mama was joined by teammates Legal Tenderizer and Kristina Rago with six penalties a piece. On CN Power, Renny Rumble fouled out with 1:27 left in regulation. Rago took a hard fall and had to be rolled off in a wheelchair.

Windy City finished the game strong and won 215-138 over Toronto. Placing Windy City in ninth place, their lowest finish ever and marking the first time that Windy City will not advance to championships. Toronto Roller Derby will leave with tenth place.


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