D1O: #10 No Coast Dethrones #9 Queen City, 329-186

D1O: #10 No Coast Dethrones #9 Queen City, 329-186 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

OMAHA, NE — Having both won and lost a game already this weekend, the #9 and #10 seeds were looking hungrily at that 5th place game tomorrow, if they could get past today with another win. Ranked #39, No Coast had already put up a solid win earlier this morning and were clearly hoping to continue their momentum. #33 Queen City had to battle Gotham yesterday, and likely learned what they were capable of.

Things didn’t turn out as close as their seedings would have predicted as the Lake Effect Furies were out one of their main jammers, and No Coast seemed to grow stronger with the roar of their almost local crowd. In the end, No Coast took advantage of a penalty troubled Queen City and put up even more points in their second game today than they had in the first, finishing at 329-186.

For Queen City, LiBRAWLian took the jam line first, while Flash Gloria was in the star for No Coast. LiBRAWLian proved off the bat that if you give her a sliver of space near the inside line she will take it, and certainly did so for first lead jammer status. After claiming 4 points LiBRAWLian called the jam, and Queen City started the next with a 4:2 pack advantage. Murphy quickly joined No Coast’s blocker’s in the box however, and No Coast’s Mad Maxines proceeded on a power jam. Slam Anderson grabbed 5 points giving No Coast the lead they would never relinquish.

For the first quarter, it was only LiBRAWLian who could pick up lead jammer status for Queen City, but No Coast’s jammer penalties quickly gave them other scoring opportunities. LiBRAWLian added 2 grand slams while Fancy was stuck in the pack, having to utilize a star stash to get out.

Photo by Regularman Photography

LiBRAWLian: One-foot wonder. Photo by Regularman Photography.

With offensive help by Ripa, Flash Gloria got the next lead and after picking up 13 points pivot-turned-jammer Pepper Stix snuck 1 point in, bringing the score to 30-15, No Coast still in the lead. Both Murphy and Slam Anderson were boxed in the following jam and despite some defensive interference by Bricks Hit-house, Slam added 12 to Murphy’s 3.

No Coast earned the next three lead calls and, with the help of a power jam, extended their lead to 45 points, but a cut by Flash Gloria allowed Low Hits Griffin to score 14 of her own. With 15 minutes down, LiBRAWLian picked up another lead, adding to her 9 of 18 leads this game, and was able to score two grand slams before Slam Anderson stashed the star and escaped.

Anna Maniac’s speed often let her fly by Queen City before they could react, and it sure didn’t help that Queen City only had 1 blocker left on the track at this point. After some pack penalty problems and 9 points for Anna, Queen City took a time out, with the score at 86-42.

This seemed to help as Queen City proceeded on a small surge in score, which started with a power jam when Fancy picked up 2 penalties in one jam. With a hockey background, LiBRAWLian’s footwork helped her stop on a dime and jump apexes and blockers to add a further 15 points while Fancy was standing in the box at the start of the next jam. Low Hits Griffin added 9 points next, making the most of a chaotic pack, and then in the following jam Murphy’s 4 was matched by 4 for Flash Gloria. With under 10 minutes left, Queen City trailed by just 22 points and No Coast took a time out to regroup.

After scoring 119 points this morning, Slam Anderson nearly matched it in this game with a game total of 113. They mainly kept to a 3-jammer rotation this game, adding in Chewbokma towards the end for a few jams. Queen City’s 4 jammers were trimmed down to 3 as InSINerator was on the bench without her gear for this game, possibly due to injury, taking their playing roster to just 12.

Over the next 7 jams, No Coast went on a 65-15 run, to the delight of their fans who filled the venue. Queen City’s blockers just couldn’t stay on the track for a while, and their jammers were often force to pass the star, a strategy No Coast was also familiar with. During this run, the Furies did win an official review, which boxed a No Coast blocker leaving just 2 on the track to Queen’s 4.

At 157-85, Queen City used their second review as a team time out and put LiBRAWLian back on the jam line. With just one No Coast blocker on the track, she wasted no time getting lead and then taking 5 points while mostly on one foot. Blocker penalties started flying for both sides, andLiBRAWLian kept the jam going. Despite LiBRAWLian’s best efforts and agile jukes, Flash Gloria matched her 17 points and at the half, No Coast was in the lead, with a score of 174-102.

LiBRAWLian took the line to start the second half, and with Queen City taking the pivot line, she used her speed to get lead and zip around for a quick grand slam. She earned another before calling it off, and then Ivana LeiHerOut took the line for Queen City for the first time. Slam Anderson tip-toed the line for lead but then earned a back block, boxing her with Ivana stuck in the pack. She was able to pass the star to Pepper Stix, and by the end of the two minutes Slam had 14 to Queen’s 5 points added to the scoreboard.

LiBRAWLian returned to the line and essentially simply stepped over a blocker to earn herself lead, while Anna Maniac got repeatedly recycled by the heavy-hitting Queen City defense. Blackrock Bruiser and B’Kini Whacks were able to keep Anna while LiBRAWLian picked up 23 points to Anna’s 4, making it seem like they had caught their momentum back.

The 52-point deficit quickly grew, however, and No Coast achieved the next 8 lead statuses and scored 98 points while Queen City could only manage 8 between them. It was a tough blow for the team as their defense began to suffer without their jammer rotation at full power.

In the last quarter of the game, Murphy added 15 power jam points, but then LiBRAWLian was goated into a backblock by Slam Anderson on the jammer line. She got just 4 points before calling it, and even though No Coast had a power start next, LiBRAWLian returned and stole lead status, adding 11 more.

Queen City was able to added a handful more points, but No Coast broke 300 again, and overwhelmed Queen City in the end with a 329-186 victory. Both teams will play for a higher placement tomorrow however. #9 Queen City will face #7 Helsinki for 7th place while #10 No Coast will take on #6 Boston for 5th.

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