D1O: #10 No Coast Blows Past #5 Windy City, 300-88.

D1O: #10 No Coast Blows Past #5 Windy City, 300-88. Photo credit Danforth Johnson
OMAHA, NE– The second bout of day 2 in Omaha’s D1 tournament pitted Windy City All-Stars against No Coast’s Mad Maxines. Both teams came in to the day fresh off losses in each of their first games on Friday: No Coast falling victim to #7 Helsinki by just 8 points, while Windy came out 161 points behind #4 Montreal.

Back from yesterday’s defeat, Windy took the track today, sans key veteran skater Hoosier Mama – reportedly due to a concussion. Unfortunately for the Chicago team, although they never gave up the fight and displayed many moments of impressive teamwork, No Coast drew first blood, taking 4-0 right off the first whistle and keeping the momentum going so that the Windy City All-Stars were never really able to recover.

Lead by a regular jammer rotation of Slam Anderson, Flash Gloria, Fancy, and Anna Maniac, No Coast opened up a quick lead in the first few jams of the game, holding Windy scoreless at 10-0. Thanks to a track cut by Windy jammer Killa Nois, Fancy racked up a 15-point jam, and the stage was set for this pattern to continue throughout the whole bout. Slam Anderson put up 14 points for No Coast, her blockers once again keeping Windy City scoreless in the same jam, taking the score to 47-9 in No Coast’s favor.

Windy elected to use a time out thereafter, and for a moment started to make a comeback. Windy City’s Mia Go Hamm took control off the line after her team’s timeout, breaking the streak of lead jams for No Coast and grabbing 10 points to bring Windy into double-digits. Rita Hateworthy, Killa Nois, The Jamburglar, and Jan Trainer kept up this momentum and closed the differential to just 20 points with 15 minutes left in the first half.

No Coast called for an official review after Jamburglar’s turn taking the jam line and scoring 5 points, claiming she had not completed her initial pass – however, she was ruled to have done so and gotten lead in the moments prior to cutting the track and being sent to the box. Officials ruled her 5 points would remain on the scoreboard, and No Coast lost their Official Review for the first half.

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Strong, solid, and controlled jamming by No Coast combined with heavy-hitting defensive blockers to really put the pressure on, and so the likes of Bully McSkater spelled out real trouble for their opponents: No Coast was able to secure lead jammer 29 times compared to Windy’s 11. Making things even rougher on Windy City were their jammer penalties (14 compared to No Coast’s 5), as well as mounting blocker penalties. No Coast spent 10 minutes fewer in the box overall than their opponents.

In a post-bout interview on WFTDA TV, No Coast captain Ripa emphasized their team’s focus coming out of last night’s loss against Helsinki: cube, reform, watch the edges, and stay out of the box and on the track. Their drive to maintain control was very evident today as they continued to widen their lead over Windy City.

Just prior to half-time, Windy started trying to mix things up a bit, electing to use their Official Review as a team timeout and putting a new pair of legs into the jammer rotation: Mah-Ko was able to break a 9-jam streak of lead jams for No Coast and grab a couple points, but her team was unable to continue their own run, ending the first half behind No Coast 130-58.

Then No Coast came into the second half hot, again holding Windy scoreless as they earned lead jam after lead jam – Flash Gloria putting up 30 points to Jan Trainer’s 0 – before Windy called another time out.

In the second half there were a few instances of both teams’ jammers getting near-simultaneous penalties, eliminating either’s chances for a power jam, but this mainly hurt Windy City as it meant they only had a couple of power jams in the whole game compared to the damage done by No Coast.

Windy tried to shake things up yet again to land in their favor, by putting Mah-Ko back on the line, who again took lead. But again, this turn of events would not be meant to last despite their best efforts (and a beautifully executed apex jump by Mia Go Hamm to claim 4 points in the middle of the second half).

It surely didn’t hurt that No Coast drew a large almost-local fan base to today’s game; in the final jam, they could all be heard excitedly shouting out along with the last seconds on the scoreboard as they cheered on Slam Anderson’s final power jam of the bout, taking her team to an even 300 points over Windy’s 88.


Photo credit Danforth Johnson

This afternoon’s solid win means that No Coast will advance to play #7 Queen City for 5th place at 6pm today, while Windy won’t skate again until tomorrow for the chance at taking an overall 9th place finish.

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