D1O: #1 Gotham Freezes #9 Queen City, 590-29

D1O: #1 Gotham Freezes #9 Queen City, 590-29 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

OMAHA, NE — In a battle of the Empire State teams, it was a matter of small victories for Queen City, and sticking to their game for Gotham. With the #33 team taking on the #1 team, it was inevitable to be a large score difference, but it was the way each team played that was telling. Gotham defeated the Lake Effect Furies 590-29 to move onto the semi-final round of games.

Each team put their highest scoring jammer on the line first, but LiBRAWLian also proved she was penalty prone in Queen City’s earlier game when she picked up five penalties. She spent 30 seconds of her first jam in the penalty box while Bonnie Thunders picked up 24 points in the opening jam. Fisher Twice was on the track as a pivot to start, and never took the star this game. Vicious van GoGo took the line next for Gotham, but also picked up their first jammer penalty with a track cut. InSINerator picked up one grand slam but Gotham locked in and she called it before Vicious could score as well.

The crowd was clearly pro-Queen City and the excitement continued when Murphy snuck up the inside line for lead jammer status, but with Bonnie right behind her. The Furies coach told her to keep going with only two Gotham blockers on the track, but one was Sexy Slaydie who immediately ran her back. Bonnie started scoring grand slams but Murphy was instructed to keep going. The jam finally ended with three points for Queen City and 18 for Gotham. With the score at 42-8, it would be the only eight points scored for the Furies this half.

Short Stop jammed next for Gotham but she picked up a backblock after getting lead, giving Queen City another power jam opportunity. They had Low Hits Griffin in the star, who only jammed five times earlier that day and wasn’t able to score on Toronto. After she passed the star to B’kini Whacks Gotham stuck to her instead, and Short Stop returned to score 16 points.

Miss Tea Maven filled out the four-jammer rotation for Gotham, and she scored the biggest jam of the game thus far with 35 points while LiBRAWLian couldn’t get out of the pack. The jams became slow and long with full two-minute jams as Gotham made sure to get the maximum points out of each jam. Despite the ranking disparity, they still played the same game they would play against anyone.

Despite the low score for Queen City in this game, their successes came when they could get their jammer out of the pack and keep Gotham to single scoring passes. Their defense also didn’t let Gotham slide by, as they gave jammers a fight when they had all four on the track in their braced quad formation. They also did a good job trying to play offense when they could. Tabrina Schreier and Blackrock Bruiser were vital in those packs, but Schreier also ended up accruing seven penalties by the end.

In their first game, The Lake Effect Furies jammed LiBRAWLian and InSINerator more often, but had to play through all four jammers with the long, tiring jams. They did both end up scoring 12 each in this game, and InSINerator earning lead jammer status twice.

For Gotham, Bonnie scored 297 of their 590 points, and in the past it has been Vicious Van GoGo who follows her in scoring. In this game, Miss Tea Maven continually scored large jams, making her the 2nd lead scorer with 127, nearly double GoGo’s total. Bonnie’s success came from pushing up the middle and using a wrap around maneuver, directing her hips towards the middle when she would take the outer lanes, making it nearly impossible to edge her out.

Another win for Queen City was before the last jam of the half when Queen City’s coach not only won an official review, but it also put Bonnie Thunders in the penalty box with a Direction of Play penalty. They weren’t able to capitalize on it with points, but still an impressive feat for them to box Bonnie.

At the half, Gotham led 284-8, and they were able to keep Queen City at just those 8 points for a majority of the second half. In the second game for the Furies, the official review was the only timeout they had taken, and they kept fighting hard in every jam.

Despite the tiring game, Queen City’s momentum came back at the end when LiBRAWLian picked up another lead status call for them, but unfortunately sat down with a forearm penalty. With the full two-minute jam ShortStop scored 13 points but LiBRAWLian was able to add 12 to the Furies’ total. Gotham’s defensive prowess came at the hands… and hips and footwork of Sexy Slaydie, OMG WTF, and Caf Fiend.

InSINerator continued with another lead status call with Vicious Van GoGo boxed with a misconduct. InSINerator was able to pick up one grand slam before GoGo was back and scoring, and her coach again told her to keep going despite GoGo matching points and more. This was possibly an effort to put points on the board against Gotham, despite them outscoring them, an exhausted InSINerator could only return for two more points.

In the last jam of the game Queen City got another victory in sending Bonnie to the box with a Blocking With the Head penalty, but Murphy took a seat as well. She passed the star and Pepper Stix was able to add two last points to their total, giving them 29 total to Gotham’s 590.

Gotham will play Montréal in the semi-final round of this tournament at 2pm CDT, while Queen City will take on the winner of No Coast and Windy at 6pm CDT.

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