D1T: #9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls Grates #5 Charm City , 239-132

D1T: #9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls Grates #5 Charm City , 239-132 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

TUCSON, AZ— Game 11 was chock full of penalties, for blockers and jammers alike, across both teams. The first half was a constant flood of jammer penalties against the Mad Rollin Dolls and Charm City. But then the Dairyland Dolls reined in their jammer penalties during the second half and dominated Charm City from then on, coming away with a win, 239-132.

In 38 jams, Charm City jammers took 18 trips to the penalty box. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ jammers came in at just below that number themselves with 15 trips to the box, 9 in the first half and 6 in the second period of play. Unfortunately many of Charm’s jammer penalties in the second half were consecutive trips to the box, putting them at significant disadvantage. This was opposed to the penalty trend for MRD, whose offenses came later in the half and were spaced out between jams.

Mack the Knife for the Mad Rollin Dolls opened the game with a lead call but promptly picked up a forearm call, and then went on to commit 3 penalties in the first 2 jams. Charm City took full advantage of those power jams and built an early lead 28-2 points, only 4 minutes in.

The tables quickly turned against Charm City as Dottie Deathwish received the first of many forearm penalties, passing the power jam off to Mad Rollin’ Dolls who responded with 19 points of their own.

Unfortunately the alternating jammer penalties told the story of the first half. While the consecutive penalties allowed the differential to widen and then swing shut, very little momentum was gained by either team until late in the half. After a 3 jam lead streak for Mad Rollin’ Dolls, the gap was closed to 65-61. Soon after, with 9:30 left on the clock, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls took the lead for the first time in the game 70-65.

Once again, penalties paved the way for a lead change as Charm City pushed ahead, 80-78.

Dottie Deathwish finished the half with 6 penalties. Mad Rollin’ Dolls racked up a total of 6 track cuts. While Charm struggled more with forearm penalties, receiving 8 in total. By halftime the score stood Charm City, 94-89 Mad Rollin’ Dolls.

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

The second half got off to an unusual start with both jammers in the box. Dottie Deathwish had 2 penalties to serve, but Ladie Who-ha was released, nullifying Dottie’s first penalty, leaving Dottie in the box to commence her second penalty. MRD quickly pulled ahead and refused to look back, taking the score to 103-94.

During the second half, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls took control of their penalties and the game. But penalty woes continued for Charm City, including an unfortunate streak of bad luck for She-Bear where she collected 4 penalties in 2 jams in the final quarter of the game.

During power jams in their favor, Charm found success using a sweep to clear the unsuspecting Dairyland Dolls pack. MRD then attempted the same play with much less success as they also knocked out their own jammer. Despite the 6 power jams that went to Charm City, in the second half, they were not able to overcome the ever growing deficit, ending the game with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls victorious, 239-152.


Photo credit Regularman

The Mad Rollin’ Dolls Dairyland Dolls will play tomorrow at 2pm (PDT) against Terminal City for 5th place.

Charm City will go up against Des Moines United (Team United) tomorrow at 12pm (PDT) for a shot at 7th place.

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