D1T 9th Place: #8 Arizona Terrorizes #10 Tri-City, 239-170

TUCSON, AZ — Arizona entered the tournament seeded 8th, but after defeating Tri-City, 239-170, Arizona will leave with 9th place for the 2015 D1 Playoffs at Tucson. While Tri-City will leave as they entered, in 10th place.

Arizona dominated lead calls and controlled the game, but as they have throughout the tournament, quickly fell into penalty trouble. Arizona chose to mix up their jammer rotation in this game in hopes of cutting down penalties but found little success. While Tri-City combatted the lead calls with quick star passes and stashes.

Arizona claimed the first lead jammer status thanks to Luz Chaos, who was followed by Crazy Squirrel, leaving the score at 4-1. The next jam set the tone for the first half, as R2DEATH2 picked up 4 grand slams for Arizona, 32-4. When able to stay on the track for the entire jam, Arizona racked up multiple scoring passes, however the next jam established that AZRD’s jammer penalty problems followed them into this game. Carbomb Ya picked up a forearm penalty, then a second penalty, allowing a 17 point power jam for Tri-City via Crazy Squirrel.

Perhaps the change in jammer rotation at the end of the tournament was designed to give longer rests to the Tent City Terror’s main jammers, but it also served as an attempt to curb the frequent penalties. Deja Deja Vu was thrown into the rotation then, resulting in another lead call for Arizona. AZRD continued to mix up their jammer rotation, adding in Reeking Havoc, whose first appearance took her to the box, and Rammz, who had more success on her first with a 14 point jam.

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Photo by Donna Olmstead

After a run of blocker and jammer penalties against Arizona, Tri-City was able to mount a comeback 58-80 halfway through the first half, but was still unable to take the lead despite valiant effort by Crazy Squirrel and The Honey Badger. At the half: Arizona led, 139-90.

Arizona started the second half the same way they began the game, with a string of lead calls. This half, Tri-City escaped the pack faster and forced the call off after only one scoring pass.

Crazy Squirrel was the first to pick up lead status for Tri-City, picking up multiple scoring passes before Arizona passed the star. The Honey Badger  and AnneX continued Tri-City’s lead streak but it was cut short after AnneX was sent to the box, leaving Carbomb Ya alone on the track for a lap before picking up a cut of her own.

By the end of the game, Arizona sent their jammers to the penalty box 15 times. The highest penalty counts against Arizona were their jammers: Carbomb-Ya earned 6, Luz Chaos 4. In contrast, Tri-City Thunder committed 7 jammer penalties all up – the majority coming in one swoop by AnneX, who ended the game with 5.

By the time there was only 15 minutes of the game remaining, Arizona was ahead at 187-134. At that point, Tri-City took a time out, but after time resumed their jammer AnneX went to the box. Car bomb Ya enjoyed a brief power jam, before heading to the box herself and then AnneX headed back to the box on a forearm. The jammer in and outs of the box for this jam were the culmination of a game trend.

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Despite the power jam opportunities for Tri-City, the Arizona defense consistently killed the penalty or quickly followed by forcing a penalty against Tri-Citys’ jammer. Arizona’s defense morphed to fit the situation, using power quads, braced walls, and flat walls. Another factor in Arizona’s own success on power jams, apart from impressive footwork by Luz Chaos, was Tri-City’s tendency to bleed blockers to the box in rapid succession.

Arizona Tent City Terrors won the game, 239-170 over Tri-City Thunder, leaving the 2015 WFTDA D1 Playoffs at Tucson in 9th place–one spot lower than where they entered. Tri-City retains its seeding, ending the tournament in 10th place.

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