D1T: #9 MRD Dairyland Dolls moos past #8 Arizona, 221-171

D1T: #9 MRD Dairyland Dolls moos past #8 Arizona, 221-171 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

TUCSON, AZ— Game 2, between the 9th seed Mad Rollin’ Dolls and #8 Arizona Roller Derby, was a back-and-forth battle of evenly matched teams prone to the same penalties.

After multiple lead changes, many coming during power jams, MRD Dairyland Dolls were able to cobble together some momentum that extended over the last 5 minutes of gameplay to finally take home the win, 221-171.

The first few jams of the game set the tone, with both teams alternating grabbing lead and points. Luz Chaos (Arizona) out first ahead of Mack the knife (MRD), collected 4 points Arizona. Arizona lost their first blocker of the game on a stop block, as Mouse picked up lead jammer and tied things up 4-4. The next jam turned into a footrace between Magic Missile and Carbomb Ya that ended in a 0-0 jam.

Ladie Who-Ha of The Dairyland Dolls was the first jammer to head to the box, leaving R2DEATH2 on a power jam, placing Arizona in the lead. Fortunes were reversed in the next jam as Carbomb Ya sat for 30 seconds, but Mack the Knife followed her to the box, letting the jam end after two minutes. Mack the Knife, received a second penalty as the jam ended, setting up a power start for Luz Chaos who extended Arizona’s lead 42-16.

A cut penalty drawn on Luz Chaos, coupled with lead status for Madison as Arizona’s blockers filed out to the penalty box provided an opportunity for Madison to regain some ground. But then a track cut against Mack The Knife—her third of the game—negated some of the effect. At the end of the jam, Arizona led 60-55, with 10 minutes to go. Mad Rollin’ Dolls went on to close the gap to 1 as Arizona called a team time-out to halt Madison’s progress.

Madison alternated between a power quad and a tripod formation, both showed more emphasis on moving laterally than rotating, slowing their ability to recycle. Though Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ blockers found success against Arizona, stifling their offense, they were ultimately no match for Luz Chaos’ agility and speed. Neither team maintained momentum for more than a couple jams at a time.

Arizona’s defense, in contrast, favored a flatter formation that morphed easily into a braced wall when needed.

When Carbomb Ya was called out on a forearm Madison took the opportunity to pick up first lead change of the game with 5 minutes to go in the first half, and then Carbomb Ya received yet another penalty, as Madison further cemented their lead.

A solid jam by Luz Chaos tightened the score gap down to single digits. But in the next jam, Mouse received a forearm as she escaped the pack, and Rammz rapidly retook the lead for Arizona to 80-78 with 30 seconds left in the period. But the jam ended with Mouse serving her penalty and returning to the track to collect points, putting Mad Rolling Dolls back in the lead with 2 seconds left in the half, 87-84. Arizona used those final seconds remaining in the half to call an official review to request a cut call on Madison’s jammer at Turn 1, extending the half further, but it was denied.

In the final jam of the half, MRD’s Magic Missile was out for lead quickly, but was quickyly sent to the box as R2DEATH2 took advantage of her time alone on the track and closed the half with Arizona in the lead, 113-95.

Photo credit Regularman

Photo credit Regularman

Arizona started the half with a lead call, but MRD was able to pick up points as well. And then Magic Missile kept the momentum for Madison rolling with lead status as Carbomb Ya headed off the the box, ending in a lead change for MRD, 119-117. In the next jam, Luz Chaos pushed Arizona back in the lead, ending the jam: 125-123. Darling Nickki of Madison punctuated that to-and-fro with a foul-out early in the second half.

Carbomb Ya was assessed another cut track, leaving Magic Missile on a power jam, resulting in another lead change 127-125 Madison.  Not only did the lead change, the power jam swung as well, Arizona’s Carbomb Ya returned to the track to reap the benefits of a power jam placing Arizona ahead by 2, 129-127. But then in the next jam Ladie Who-ha picked up 4 points, shutting out Luz Chaos, and MRD retook the lead, 131-129.

Madison grabbed the 3rd lead call in a row and called off the jam, but not before Deja Deja Vu stole 4 points, closing the gap for Arizona Tent City Terrors to 1 single point. Mouse then collected a cut as R2DEATH2 won lead, and by the end of the jam Arizona was back in the lead once again, 136-134. In the next jam, a power jam for Arizona enabled the Tent City Terrors to extend their lead.

After a couple of lead calls and a power jam, the Dairyland Dolls retook the lead, stretching it to a solid 181-155 with 5 minutes to go in the game. Not long after, Arizona jammer Luz Chaos picked up a forearm penalty, allowing Madison to add to their lead.

After having her helmet cover knocked off, R2DEATH2 checked a backwards facing blocker and received a forearm for it, which then turned into an ejection for a shove after a successful official review, leaving Magic Missile on the track to extend the Dairyland Dolls’ lead, as the clock wound down. Though Luz Chaos was able to score on the last jam, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls were content to let the clock expire with their carefully widened differential of 221-171.

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Mad Rollin’ Dolls will advance to play against the #1 seed Victorian Roller Derby League tonight at 6pm (PDT).

Arizona will fall into the consolation bracket to face the loser of Arch Rival v. Team United on Saturday at 10am (PDT).

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