D1T 5th Place: #7 Terminal City defeats # 9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 252-102

D1T 5th Place: #7 Terminal City defeats # 9 Mad Rollin’ Dolls, 252-102 Photo by Regularman Photography. regularmanphotography.com

TUCSON, AZ—The 5th place game opened heavily in Terminal City’s (WFTDA #27), favor over the Mad Rollin’ Dolls (WFTDA #35). Penalties accumulated against The Dairyland Dolls from Madison, and the 17 box trips by MRD jammers took their toll. Terminal City pounced on every opportunity and ran up a quick lead, that MRD was unable to overcome. Terminal City walked away with 5th place, 2 spots ahead of where they entered the tournament. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls will also finish above their initial seeding of 9 to claim 6th place. 

The first jam turned out to be indicative of the entire game that followed. After some juking through pack Mouse, for Mad Rollin’ Dolls went to the box, which resulted in a 22-3 opening jam in Terminal City’s favor. More jammer penalties followed for MRD as Magic Missile sat for 30 seconds on forearm. Terminal City was next to send their jammer to the box as Ann O’War picked up a back block.

Mad Rollin’ Dolls had plenty of power jam opportunities, 11 by the end of the game, but struggled to convert more than Terminal City, who routinely put up multiple scoring passes. MRD used the star pass more than Terminal City, but the competed pass often came too late, generally after multiple scoring passes.

It was not just the jammers that struggled with penalties, at one point there were only 2 blockers left on the track, one from each team, as Evada Peron collected points For Terminal City. In the pack, there were mixed styles of play from both teams. Strong tripods were heavily featured alongside lots of individualistic play that included big, sweeping hits. Unfortunately for both teams, both defensive tactics often led to penalties.


At the half, Terminal City led, 133-41.

Mouse took the star to begin the second half for MRD but it was Maiden Sane who picked up lead and called off the jam after picking up 2 points. Terminal City received their first power jam of the half just 3 minutes in but Ann O’War was assessed a skating out of bounds penalty which gave Mack The Knife a power start.

In this half, blockers seemed to have cumbered their penalties on both teams, and were able to show what they are capable of when they have all four on the track. Terminal City set up in the front of the pack in a strong tripod with 1 to bridge that effectively locked down Mack The Knife, forcing a penalty. At the back of the pack, The Dairyland Dolls set up in a similar formation and were also able to hold Terminal back, forcing their jammer to push the tripod forward inch by inch.

For a brief moment, the tables turned and Mad Rollin’ Dolls found themselves on a power jam faced with only 1 Terminal City blocker to beat. Sproutn’ A Tail made quick work of the reduced pack, but in the next jam Ladie Who-Ha was quickly assessed a back block. Red Sonja returned the favor in the same jam. Allie Gator and Bruiseberry Pie did great work defensively for their respective teams, busting up walls to help out their jammers in between doling strong hits.

Late in the half, Shananaguns fouled out for Mad Rollin’ Dolls as penalties piled up. She was not alone however as Simonius Smaximus and Griffith, both from Terminal City, also fouled out.

Terminal claimed 5th place, 252-102. Madison will be awarded 6th, 3 places higher than they were seeded.

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