D1T: #4 Rocky Mountain High on a Win #5 Charm City, 324-125

D1T: #4 Rocky Mountain High on a Win #5 Charm City, 324-125 Photo credit Donna Olmstead

TUCSON, AZ — The final game of Day 1 at the WFTDA 2015 International D1 Playoffs was a penalty fest between #4 seed Rocky Mountain and #5 seed Charm City. Charm racked up heavy jammer penalties throughout the game, and despite picking up lead more in the second half, they struggled to convert against Rocky’s oppressive defense. Rocky Mountain eventually defeated Charm City, 324-125.

Things got off to a rocky start for Charm City, with the first two lead calls going to Rocky Mountain and a 1 minute jammer penalty against Dottie Deathwish of Charm.

The game continued in Rocky’s favor after the first lead call for Charm City ended with 1 point for Charm and 4 for Rocky Mountain. A second powerjam fell into Rocky’s hands, followed directly by another power jam because of a cut call on Cash that was drawn at the back of the pack by Rocky’s blockers.

Charm City called a time out, but Cash was once again sent to the box, this time on a forearm garnered at the back of the pack in an attempt to fight up the inside line. After being repeatedly knocked out and recycled back, Cash picked up Charm City’s 5th jammer penalty of the game and her 4th for a cut—resulting in a 25 point jam for Wild E Coyote.

After serving her time, Cash elected not to pass the star, instead picking up her 5th penalty. In the next jam, Cash finally handed off the star but picked up penalty number 6 on a back block as a blocker. The recipient of the star pass, Free Radical, also went to the box and went on to start the next jam as the jammer.

As the jammer Free Radical, returned to the track and was assessed a cut track, starting the next jam in the box. In a break for Charm City, Phantom Menace went to the box, the first jammer penalty against Rocky Mountain, releasing Free Radical prematurely, allowing her to pass the star to Holly Gohardly who scored 15 points—the first points since the 3rd jam.  Though those 15 points were countered by Rocky’s 13.

After the very taxing penalty streak against Charm City ended, the game began to settle as Charm was able to stay on the track long enough to stem Rocky Mountain’s scoring passes.

Dottie Deathwish made a dent in the deficit after a successful jam, where Charm’s blockers were able to hold Rocky, allowing for multiple passes for Baltimore.

A few jams later, She-Bear took her turn in the penalty box, followed by a second penalty for a track cut. Charm City would start the next half with their jammer in the box.

Rocky Mountain’s defense dictated the pace of the game. From forcing track cuts and quickly reforming at the front of the pack to trap and often recycle Charm’s jammer, Rocky cleared the way for their jammers to collect 4 and 5 point passes. Baltimore was reluctant to pass the star, even after re-entering from the penalty box, making Rocky’s job a bit easier to force penalties on tired, frantic jammers. Rocky Mountain dominated the first half, 184-37.

Photo credit Regularman

Photo credit Regularman

In the second half, a quicker star pass forced the call-off by Rocky. Charm City seemingly found their footing and won two lead calls in a row, but the momentum was truncated by first a multiplayer block call against Dottie Deathwish that was then followed up with a track cut call as she escaped the pack after serving 30 seconds, ending in a 20 point jam for Rocky Mountain.

In the next jam it was Rocky Mountain who served a jammer penalty, when unfortunately GG Hardy joined her shortly after jammer Wild E Coyote sat down. Rocky was better able to return from the box and find success than Charm City.

10 minutes into the half, Charm City led in lead calls but had trouble converting those to points when faced with Rocky Mountain’s aggressive swarming defense. Once again, Charm City found their jammer in the box, paving the way for yet another grand slam for Rocky. Sharon Tacos went to the box, but Charm was unable to hang onto the advantage as She-Bear headed to the box, and then true to form, she was assessed a second penalty after returning to the track. However at the jam end Rocky Mountain’s jammer was sent back to the box, leaving Holly Gohardly for Charm City with a power start. Off the power start, Holly Gohardly gained lead and scored 12 points as Sharon Tacos sat for her 3rd consecutive penalty.

Rocky Mountain ultimately won, with a score of 324-125, in the most part because of their penalty-recovery more than anything else.

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Photo credit Donna Olmstead

Rocky Mountain will advance to play Victoria tomorrow at 8pm (PDT), for a chance to move on to the final game.

While Charm City will be sent to the consolation bracket to play Tri-City tomorrow at 12pm (PDT).

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