D1T: #2 Bay Areaaaaaa (#6) beats #7 Terminal City (#27), 251-77

TUCSON, AZ—Game 4 featured a slow-starting Bay Area against Terminal City and after a bit of back and forth, it ended with Bay Area firmly in control. This season has been an interesting one for Bay Area, with only 12 skaters remaining from last year’s charter and multiple transfers, BAD has taken its time to gel and make their style of play work for them. Throughout this year, Bay Area struggled more than anything to score, amd today against Terminal City Bay Area seemed to find an answer, 251-77.

The game began in Terminal City’s favor, with two lead calls. Maiden Sane, for Terminal City earned the first lead call of the game, lapping Lulu Lockjaw, 9-0. Unfortunately for Terminal City, the first jammer penalty of the game also went to Kim Janna. Skrappie put the first 13 points on the board, resulting in the first lead change for Bay Area. Fluezy benefited from a penalty called against Evada Peron, the second power jam of the game, and so far the only way Bay Area was able to score. Huck Sinn was able to build on the momentum from the previous three jams and extend B.A.D.’s lead. In the next jam, LuLu Lockjaw was shut out once more, as Terminal City added points after a 3 jam drought.

Soon after, Red Sonja headed to the penalty box, giving Fluezy her second power jam of the game—the third jammer penalty against Terminal City. Lulu Lockjaw ended her scoring drought as she took advantage of a power start and a reduced pack, putting up 19.

BAD found its rhythm about 5 minutes into the game; in addition to their ability to capitalize on power jams, Bay Area’s jammers were able to add double digits each time they scored, as opposed to Terminal City who were limited to nickel and diming. Bay Area’s defense woke up and held Terminal’s jammer for half a lap before Terminal City passed the star to escape the pack and stop the bleeding for two straight jams.

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Photo by Donna Olmstead

At the end of the jam, Fluezy—after gaining her first lead status—picked up a cut, allowing Maiden Sane to pick up 5 points during the power jam. Ann O’War took the star for the first time for Terminal, but was unable to escape the pack until Bay Area sat two blockers in the box. Near the end of the half, Maiden Sane took advantage of a power jam and added double digits. Terminal seemed to hold a brief advantage as Bay Area gave up a second power jam in a row but TCRG decided to pass the star and their jammer turned pivot was met with a strong four wall from Bay Area.

At the half Bay Area controlled the game, 126-62.

The second half began with the same matchup at the beginning of the game with different result. This time around, Maiden Sane was still able to gain lead, but only score 1 point. Bay Area retook the reigns and earned 5 lead calls in a row all while locking down Terminal City’s jammer.

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Kim Janna picked up the second lead jam of the half for Terminal City, with 10 minutes expired and the first one since the first jam of the game. Terminal City was unable to gain much ground as Evada Peron received a misconduct call, giving Fluezy a brief power start—enough for Fluezy to escape and pick up 2 points. More penalties for Terminal’s jammers followed including a cut track near the end of the jam on Maiden Sane, giving Lulu Lockjaw a power start that resulted in a quick lead call and 19 points for Bay Area.

Bay Area played it smart in the final jam, with instruction from coach Pink Ranger—also a transfer—Fluezy slowed down before engaging the pack and didn’t attack, instead letting the clock expire: 251-77 Bay Area.

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