D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107

D1T 1st Place: #1 Victoria Takes Gold From #2 Bay Area, 151-107 Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

TUCSON, AZ – The two top seeds of the Division 1 Tucson bracket met up for the final game on Sunday, and after the first quarter of the game stayed fairly close, #1 Victorian Roller Derby League pulled away from #2 B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. With only 39 jams in this game, the second half saw long, laborious jams once both teams got ahold of some of their penalties. But Victoria dominated lead calls in a low scoring second half.

Despite a tighter jammer rotation, more penalties, and a short bench, Victoria still held on tightly with their braced defense, taking 1st place in the first D1 weekend, 151-107.

Christy Demons took the star first for Victoria,who in of her first two games earned lead jammer status 21 of 23 times and put up 262 points with no penalties. Lulu Lockjaw lined up next to her, and Demons kept her nearly perfect lead average by picking up the first one of this game, and scoring 3 grand slams. Lulu struggled against the VRDL defense, and was forced to pass the star to Brawllen Angel to help end the jam. Bicepsual took the first penalty of the game, which started a slew of blocker penalties for Victoria, mostly forearm calls.

After Demon’s 15-point opener, Bay Area’s Skrappie fired back with 9 points against the diminishing defense, while Bay Area proved they could contain jammers too, holding Giles. Bay Area continued through their 5-jammer rotation with Fluezy, while Victoria went back to Demons on the line. Despite Tui Lyon cycling to the box twice this jam, they held Fluezy back while Demons added 13 more points.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

With the score at 28-9, Bay Area kept VRDL scoreless for 3 jams while they brought it to a 2-point game. BAD’s defense positioned much flatter and relied on 3 forward-facing blockers with 1 anchor blocker in the front for them to hold onto. Their lateral coverage and quick recycling stuck to PorFavor, forcing VRDL to pass the star, and after Tui Lyon took off with it, Bay Area swarmed the pack, allowing a perfect path for their jammer. Demons also had to pass the star while Lulu picked up lead and added 4 points, making it 28-26.

With an empty penalty box, the next jam was slow going for both jammers. Victoria did a better job seeing when their jammers were struggling and Lorrae Evans ran up to bowl through the Bay Area wall, knocking nearly all them to the ground and allowed Giles to  stroll out of the pack for lead. After her grand slam addition, Bay Area received a power jam next, as Demons picked up her first penalty of the tournament.

Fluezy battled backwards Victoria blockers and managed just 4 points to tighten the game again at 33-30 with under 17 minutes left in the half. Then with IvyKnivey in her first jam of the game for VRDL, Frightmare picked up lead, 4 points, and the game lead by 1 point. Ivy kept her to just one scoring ass by passing the star, and Bay Area only provided offense while the opposing star was out of the pack.

Victoria took back 4 points and the lead, and after that second lead change 37-34, Bay Area called a timeout with just under 15 minutes left in the period.

Victoria came back strong from the timeout however, and after a more cautious Demons put up 18 points, followed by 8 more for Giles, VRDL pushed upwards to 63-34. Penalties settled down for a bit and the jams resumed long, slow play as jammers rotated and pushed their hips through backwards, trying to break up walls. With another big jam by Demons, it seemed like maybe VRDL was running away with the game, but their second jammer penalty gave Bay Area another opportunity to come back. Fluezy added one grand slam, again with little help from her friends, and with under 4 minutes left in the half they trailed by 36 points.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

After IvyKnivey added 10 more points, Bay Area stopped play for a bit with an Official Review that didn’t result in any changes, and then they finished out the half with 9 more points by Skrappie, still down 92-55 at halftime. Kid Ace was part of a pileup in the apex in the last few minutes, and spent some time with the EMTs, only returning for 3 jams in the second half.

Even though Bay Area’s jammers kept a clean first half, they trailed by 37 since they couldn’t put up big points during their 2 power jam opportunities. They could only score multiple passes so far when PorFavor or IvyKnivey were in the star, with one 9 point jam against Giles. When Victoria was in scoring position the first half, nearly all their jams were multiple grand slam passes, accounting for the point spread.

The second half began a little rocky for Victoria, as 3 penalties in a row for Giles kept her on the track for 3 straight jams. Skrappie was able to take better advantage of this opportunity with the help of Demanda Riot, adding 13 points, followed by 3 from Lulu.

With the score at 110-71, Bay Area’s scoring drought in the second half began as Frightmare sat down in the box, providing VRDL with their first  power jam. After that, Victoria consistently picked up lead, and slowly began to push the score upwards while Bay Area was stuck at just 71 points for 8 jams.

It was Huck Sinn’s turn to get stuck making trips to the box for 3 jams, also giving VRDL a full minute power jam when she jumped through the pack upon returning from the first one, picking up a high block and then an insubordination. Giles and Demons added 22 points durings this time, and the score moved to 143-71.

The Victoria jamming pair added 2 more points a piece before Fluezy finally ended the point drought, adding 2 of her own, again after Bay Area provided her with a bit of help. With 11 minutes left, it was crunch time for Bay Area as they trailed 147-73.

Skrappie, who was the most successful for Bay Area this game at 59 points, picked up 2 more grand slams while Demons must have been beginning to tire after nearly jamming every other jam with Giles.

Victoria continued to control the game with their heavily-braced formations and excellent backwards blocking, and even though they couldn’t score in the last 3 jams of the game, their point cushion kept them safe.

With 3 minutes left in the game, Bay Area seemed to determined to at least break the century mark, and Skrappie was able to put up 9 points twice, with a 4-point jam by Lulu in between. Victoria finished out carefully, waiting for the clock to expire so they could pick up their first place medals after their win, 151-107.

Victoria’s 1st seed placement to Championships in November means they automatically start with the quarter-final round on Saturday, while Bay Area’s 2nd place finish gives them an extra game on Friday. Victoria’s Christy Demons was awarded MVP of the tournament.

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