D1T: #1 Victorian Fights #4 Rocky Mountain, 289-116

D1T: #1 Victorian Fights #4 Rocky Mountain, 289-116 Photo by Regularman

TUCSON, AZ- Victorian Roller Derby League and Rocky Mountain met for this semi-final game after winning their first round games the day before. Despite their 404-33 victory over the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, Victoria also racked up the penalties, which seemed to carry on today as well. With Rocky Mountain they met their match in penalties, but not in points, and with their 289-116 win, VRDL secured their spot in St. Paul and a chance at 1st place in Tucson tomorrow.

Victoria came to Tucson with just 13 skaters on the bench, but only 12 could play as Smashin’ Pop acted as 3rd bench coach with her broken hand.

In the first jam, Sweet Mary Pain and Christy Demons lined up on the jam line while Victoria was ensuring their position on the front line. Rocky Mountain was pushed right past the nearly stopped boxed defense, and Sweet Mary Pain could only move the wall milimeters as Demons put up 9 points. Next Phantom Menace (clad in face paint despite her claim to lose it this year) took the line next to Giles, or rather in front of as Giles started about 15 feet back. When she couldn’t get out of the pack, she attempted to pass the start, but ended up with an illlegal procedure instead.

These first few jams were a strong indication of themes for each team in the rest of the game; VRDL’s defense would be hard to move, and Rocky Mountain would reply by removing the star. The variation in effectiveness for each side is what became a bit surprising.

Photo by Regularman

Photo by Regularman

Victoria started the game with a three-jammer rotation, switching between PorFavor and IvyKnivey in the 3rd spot, and in the first few jams they managed 33 points to Rocky Mountain’s 0. They continued to have a strong hold on the game for the first 7 leads, but Rocky Mountain was able to score their first 2 points by sneaking them in on a late call off.

Victoria’s penalty woes from yesterday crept back as they picked up 3 jammer penalties in five minutes. This was still within the first ten minutes of the game, so Victoria’s defense completely killed one penalty, while it forced a cut on pivot turned jammer, Triple Shot Misto, earning their own power jam. Misto did manage a 5 point pass when all was said and done, but VRDL added 4 points and was now at 45 total.

A few jams later recent transfer Susy Pow picked up the first lead jammer call for Rocky Mountain and was able to add 4 points, but the excitement was short lived as she sat with a penalty. In the meantime, PorFavor had passed the star to Tui Lyon, who went on to add 19 points bringing the score to 72-11, 15 minutes into the game. This was the second game this weekend that Susy Pow had to face former teammates, as she is both a former Charm City and Team Australia skater.

Rocky Mountain’s fate seemed sealed at this point, but throughout the game they proved that they could ruffle Victoria’s feathers and keep them on their toes. With another power jam, Sharon Tacos scored Rocky’s first multiple pass jam, while Gaygun, Triple Shot Misto, and May Q. Pay held on to a VRDl blocker, allowing Sharon to use her momentum to fly by for 13 points.

A string of penalty problems for Rocky Mountain gave the momentum back to Victoria, and they pusehd their lead to 130-24. Their heavily braced defense was steady and strong, seemingly more concerned with strength than necessarily knocking the jammer out of bounds.

As the half neared, Rocky Mountain continued to whip the star off lighting fast for star stashes and passes that still managed to catch VRDL off guard at times. As their jammers struggled, they also were forced to play more offense, which they did with powerful hits. At the break, Victoria held a strong lead at 153-34.

Rocky Mountain started the second period with an advantage and the first quarter of the half seemed to be in their favor. When the action resumed they had a 4:2 pack advantage, allowing Sweet Mary Pain to pick up lead and 4 points. She became their highest point scorer with 41 points, with the next highest being Sharon Tacos at 27.

Photo by Donna Olmstead

Photo by Donna Olmstead

IvyKnivey ran into some penalty problems, and as she picked up her 4th and 5th jammer penalties, she was sat for the rest of the game. With this opportunity in Rocky Mountain’s hands, they turned what was a hefty score ration at the start, to about a 2:1 game, 207-109 and nearing about 10 minutes left in the half.

Rocky Mountain’s momentum came to a deadstop however, and they were held scoreless until the very last jam when Sweet Mary Pain picked up 7 points while Giles was draining the period clock. She clocked in with 83 total game points, while Christy Demons earned 119.

With a 289-116 win, Victoria is looking forward to another trip to the United States, but first will play Bay Area for 1st place in Tucson at 6pm (PDT). Rocky Mountain will battle with a Champs-hungry Arch Rival for 3rd at 4pm (PDT).

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