D1J 9th Place: #7 Glasgow Vaults #9 Pikes Peak, 247-153

D1J 9th Place: #7 Glasgow Vaults #9 Pikes Peak, 247-153 Photo by Quick N Derby - quicknderby.com

JACKSONVILLE, FL- Considering at the beginning of the calendar year, Glasgow and Pikes Peak found themselves positioned within the WFTDA’s hierarchy at #73 and #93, respectively. Nine months later, and now entrenched in the governing body’s Top 40, both wanted to end their breakthrough seasons on a high note at the Jacksonville playoff’s ninth place game on Sunday morning.

Propelled by a high-octane offense, aided by eight second period power jams, the seventh-seeded Irn Bruisers (#26) topped Pikes Peak (#36), 247-153, to claim ninth place in its inaugural WFTDA playoff trek and finish the season 4-3. The ninth-seeded Derby Dames, making its first post-season appearance since 2009, concluded the season 5-4 with the 94-point setback.

Pikes Peak controlled play during the first two rotations as a game-opening 3 points from Trick Pony and a 4-point tally from srs bizns in jam two resulted in a 7-0 lead for the Coloradans.

Glasgow flipped the scoreboard to its favor three minutes deep as Sarah McMillan’s ten-point strike resulted in a 10-7 lead change. Megan Hyndman added four on the next rotation to push the score to 14-7 with 25:45 left in the period. The Scots’ 2:1 ratio was maintained after Marshall Lawless’ 14-7 jam on the next rotation widened the lead to 28-14.

Pikes Peak got back into the game offensively as biznis grabbed lead in jam six and collected 17 points, resulting in a 31-28 lead change that favored PPDD with 21:20 left in the half.

Photo by Quick N Derby.

Photo by Quick N Derby.

The Irn Bruisers responded with the first of two game-shifting point surges in the next rotation and a 45-1 run over the next six jams ensued. After McMillan posted a pair to make the contest a one-point affair, Hydman’s four-point tally at 19:40 resulted in a 34-31 Glasgow lead change. Lawless tacked on 2 in jam 9 to push the score to 36-31.

Then after a scoreless rotation, McMillan grabbed lead for Glasgow and proceeded with a power jam as Pikes Peak filled its penalty box. With Irn Bruiser blockers jensykes, Sarah Oates, Haberbashery, and Chemikill Hazard supporting, McMillan glided to a 29-1 jam that widened the score 65-32 at the period’s midpoint. Hydman’s 8-0 strike finished the rally that pushed Glasgow’s advantage to 73-32 with 14:10 left in the period.

To its credit, and characteristic to its inspired play this weekend, Pikes Peak surged late in the period and sliced away at the deficit. Trailing 91-45 with less than nine minutes left in period, PPDD capitalized on a power jam and biznis posted a 18-2 tally that sliced the score to 93-63 with 6:50 left.

Then after Hyndman’s 9-4 power jam pushed the Irn Bruisers’ lead to 102-68, Pikes Peak answered with their own power jam aided by a pair of back blocks called against Glasgow’s Lawless. Anchored by PPDD blockers Brenda Lee, Dickie, Destiney Blaze, and Parker, jammer Pepper Slay recorded a 20-3 tally that narrowed the score to 105-88 with 2:05 remaining.

Lawless returned to the track in the period’s penultimate jam and notched a grand slam for Glasgow that pushed the score to 110-98. Pikes Peak’s Pony trotted a 4-pointer to conclude the half as the Irn Bruisers maintained a 110-92 advantage at intermission.

For this final game of the weekend, Pikes Peak was missing double threat skater Psycho Babble, who seemed to recover a bit slower after each of their first two games. She later reported that she had to miss this game due to some back pain that she will have to get checked out back in Colorado.

After PPDD’s launched the second period with a three-point jam, Glasgow answered with a 17-0 sprint. Rogue Runner’s 9-point power jam, McMillan’s grand slam, and Hyndman’s 3 points extended the Irn Bruisers’ lead to 127-95 at the 24:00 mark. Pikes Peak countered with Pretty Penny’s 13-point power jam at 22:25 that narrowed the score to 127-108.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

Unfortunately for the Coloradans, this marked the closest they would reach the seventh seed for the remainder of the ninth place game. Leading 140-114 with 19:50 left, Glasgow churned a six jam, 60-0 back-breaking rally that sealed victory.

After Hyndman posted a pair of points in jam 8, Lawless followed with a grand slam that pushed the score to 147-114 with 17:40 remaining. Runner collected a 10-point power jam on the next rotation to widen Glasgow’s lead to 157-114. Another Irn Bruiser power jam with 14:20 remaining yielded 16 points for McMillan left and Hyndman added five in jam 12 to blossom the score to 178-114.

Glasgow finished the rally, and secured ninth-place victory, with Lawless’ 22 point jam at under 10 minutes left in the half that made the score 200-114. The Irn Bruisers outscored Pikes Peak, 137-61, in the second period en route to the 247-153 win and concluded their first WFTDA post-season duke.

McMillan topped Glasgow scoring with 96 points, followed by Lawless’ 73 and Hyndman’s 50. Pikes Peak was paced in scoring by biznis’ 76 points.

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