D1J 7th Place: #8 Steel City Meddles With #10 Charlottesville, 281-134

D1J 7th Place: #8 Steel City Meddles With #10 Charlottesville, 281-134 Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

JACKSONVILLE, FL – 8th seed, Steel City, started the weekend with a close win against Pikes Peak, but ended up in the consolation bracket after losses against #1 seed London and #5 seed Tampa.

Charlottesville, who was aiming for Division 2 and ended up edging into D1 this playoff season, upset Glasgow in their first game and then found themselves playing for 7th after losing to #2 Denver and #6 Detroit.

Steel City started this final game strong, leading Charlottesville the entire way, but the Virginians fought hard the whole 60 minutes. Steel City’s control helped them earn the win and 7th place, 281-134.

Steel City opened the game with a large lead after Charlottesville picked up two jammer penalties in a row. The first jam was essentially a good example of the major themes for each team: Charlottesville attempted a star pass, and Leanne Groll put up some big points. Charlottesville’s pass was illegal, however, which was what let Groll start Steel City with 29 points after the first jam.

Machete picked up lead for Charlottesville in the next jam, but ended up in the box with a forearm, making the jam go a full 2 minutes. Rock Hard Candy ended up scoring just 1 more point than Machete, but the score rested at 44-13. Steel Hurtin’ continued to extend their lead with 3 lead jammer calls and a fast 8 points by Snot Rocket Science, and 3 and 9 by Groll and Candy.

Down by 43 points, Charlottesville was able to pick up two leads in a row, and benefited from power jam points while Snot Rocket Science went to the box with a misconduct after trying to make a quick jump over the apex. That let Miller-Miller add 9 to their total, and they inched closer to Steel’s lead, 69-31 with 17 minutes left.

Steel City held Charlottesville at those 31 points for three jams as the pack started to speed up and get spread out, which let the 3 jammer rotation of Groll, Candy and Snot to tick their lead up to 77.

Both teams utilized their jammers as blockers in differing line-ups as well, except one; Groll for Steel City and Spank Puncherella for Charlottesville.

Things started to settle a bit until Machete picked up a forearm penalty and gave Steel City another powerjam giving Groll time to pick up 20 points this time, making Steel City’s lead much larger at 104-34. It seemed like maybe now Steel City was just going to run away with this game, but Charlottesville worked to ensure that wouldn’t be the case.

Forearms for both Rock Hard Candy and Snot Rocket Science led to a power run over 4 jams for Charlottesville which helped them inch back towards Steel Hurtin’s lead, 109-64 with under 4 minutes left. Things slowed down and became more controlled for those final minutes of the half, and the teams played an even game taking a break with Steel nearly doubling Charlottesville’s score by the break, 122-66.

Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

Photo credit Quick’N’Derby

Steel City started the second half strong as well, going on a 28-0 run while picking up the first 5 lead jammer status calls. Charlottesville kept Steel from going too far with their scoring, by passing the star to help end the jam.

Charlottesville tried to mix up their jammer rotation a bit in the second half by adding Forty Ounce Bounce, and we also saw more of Tippi Headlock. Steel City was picking up most of the lead calls though, and so when Charlottesville earned lead, they tried to run the jam hoping to get more points and tire the Steel City jammers.

This backfired for Machete though, after she let Snot match her points, she ended up in the box on a cut track penalty, and Snot put up 14 points during that powerjam, while Machete only earned 8 points that jam.

B-one Bomber also ran the jam with lead status in the next jam, even pulling her star off looking to pass it, but also giving up her lead status. She ended up with 12 points to Rock Hard Candy’s 22, so they were giving up points as well as time in the final stretch of the game.

Charlottesville found a few more opportunities, but the score differential was pushing 150 points by now. Notably MaLuvicent was able to score the only points against Groll when she picked up her only penalty of the game. Machete put up one more big jam for Charlottesville with 23 points, but Steel Hurtin’ was also able to add 14 after Candy passed the star to Hurricane Heather.

By the end of the game, Steel City took 7th place with their 281-134 win, but Charlottesville still improved on their seeding despite this loss, taking 8th place.

Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

Photo credit Quick’N’Derby

Groll was the highest scorer for Steel City at 107 points, with Rock Hard Candy just 5 points behind her at 103, but Groll only let 9 points get scored on her while Candy ended with a 17 point differential. Machete scored 49 of Charlottesville’s points, with Miller-Miller behind her at 28 points.

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