D1J: #6 Detroit leaps #9 Pikes Peak, 215-151.

D1J: #6 Detroit leaps #9 Pikes Peak, 215-151. Photo credit Quick'n'Derby

JACKSONVILLE, FL – After a quarterfinal loss on Friday, sixth-seeded Detroit (#21) rebounded with a turnaround in Saturday’s consolation bracket and notched a 215-151 victory over ninth-seeded Pikes Peak (#36). With the 64-point win, Detroit (11-4) plays tenth-seeded Charlottesville (#38) late Saturday afternoon for a chance to compete in Sunday’s fifth place game.

“That was a fun game, a lot different than yesterday,” said Detroit jammer Feta Sleaze afterwards. “Our walls were a lot more hard-hitting (today). It was a different type of play, but they were awesome.”

Sleaze finished the Saturday morning game with 120 points and was instrumental in the Michigan rollers’ first period surge. After her game-opening unreplied nine-pointer, Detroit’s Helen Killer added two to push the lead to 11-0.

Then Pikes Peak’s Trick Pony collected three in jam 3 to narrow the score to 11-3, and Detroit countered with ten points via grand slams from Sleaze and Swift Justice to push DDG’s advantage to a wider 21-3.

Detroit gained its first power jam of the contest during jam seven, and Sleaze collected a 33-8 strike that swelled the score to what began to be an insurmountable 54-11, with 20:15 left in the period.

Pikes Peak responded with 29-0 rally over the next five jams. Back-to-back four-pointers from Pepper Slay and Brenda Lee were punctuated by a nine-point strike from Srs Biznis, to narrow the game to 54-28. Pony posted eight via a power jam in the next rotation and Slay finished the Derby Dimes’ surge with a four-pointer scored just past the first game quarter mark to narrow the score even further to 54-40.

As the period progressed, points collected were comparable. With 5:20 left in the period, Pikes Peak trailed by a baker’s dozen, but Detroit’s Sleaze pushed the score to 89-68 following an eight-pointer addition with four minutes left. Paced by Sleaze’s 63 first period points, Detroit held a 96-79 lead at intermission.

Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

Photo credit Quick’N’Derby

In the second half, the aforementioned Detroit blocking schema, anchored by Racer McChaseHer, Lazer Beam, Freakin’ Rican, Tig O’ Hitties, Off The Hook with highlights of others, cleared the way for a 15-4 period-opening run which pushed the score to 111-83, following Sleaze’s foundational nine-pointer scored four minutes deep.

Pikes Peak managed to hang tight as the period progressed and whittled the deficit to 20 points at the 20:05 mark following Pony’s four-point gallop that made the score 124-104.

Detroit made its strongest statement in the middle third of the period by collecting seven leads in the next eight rotations, resulting in a 61-20 points addition on that sprint. After Meryl Slaughterburgh notched four in jam 8, Sleaze added a grand slam with 17:30 left in the game to push the score to 133-104. A 9-6 strike from Helen Killer, a four-pointer from Sleaze, a nine-point jam from Justice and a four-spot from Killer swelled Detroit’s edge to 159-110 with 11:45 left.

Pesky Pikes Peak capitalized on power jams in the game’s latter stretches to keep the differential respectable. And then Slay’s 10-pointer with just under 5 minutes remaining in the game narrowed the score to 191-138.

Detroit outscored the Derby Dimes 119-72 in the second period to widen their first half lead, and collect the 215-151 consolation win that sets up Saturday’s meeting with Charlottesville and a potential trip to the weekend’s fifth place game.

Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

Photo credit Quick’N’Derby

“We’re going to go back to the locker room, reconvene and talk about what we need to do to prepare,” assessed DDG’s Sleaze. “Maybe get some lunch, hang out together as a team and just strategize and come back strong.“

Following Sleaze in the Detroit scoring ledger was Killer’s 46 points and Justice’s 35. Detroit overall had a 30-14 advantage in lead jams for the game.

Paced by Brenda Lee’s 36 points, Pikes Peak (7-9) competes in the playoff’s ninth place game Sunday at 10 AM EDT.


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