D1J: #5 Tampa Wins Over #8 Steel City, 197-174

D1J: #5 Tampa Wins Over #8 Steel City, 197-174 Photo by Lois Keiner

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Game 11 between the # 5 seed Tampa Roller Derby and # 8 Steel City Roller Derby was relatively close, with two early lead changes and the score within striking distance throughout the game for Steel Hurtin’, who eventually fell 174-197 to the Tampa Tantrums.

The game decided who would advance for a chance to fight for 5th place and who would be relegated to the 7th place game. With the win, Tampa will defend their 5th place seeding tomorrow at 2pm (EDT). Steel City will have the opportunity to better their spot by one position tomorrow at 12pm (EDT).

For the first jam of the game, Tampa sent Little A to the line. Steel City began their rotation with Snot Rocket Science, but Snot was bested by Little A 14-0.

Steel Hurtin’ responded in the next jam with 8 points, shutting out Laryn Kill. Then Rock Hard Candy picked up the next lead call for Steel, placing them ahead of Tampa 17-14. Despite not earning lead, Snot Rocket Science was able to slightly extend  Steel City’s lead. Continuing the three jammer rotation for Pittsburgh was Leanne Groll who added to Steel City’s lead over Tampa, 29-22.

The next jam was more indicative of the rest of the game. Tampa reclaimed their lead and shut out Steel City. In total Tampa would go on to hold Steel City scoreless for 21 jams. Steel City took advantage of power jam opportunities also to really build their score, but often found themselves trailing Tampa’s jammers to the box.

Photo by Louis Keiner

Photo by Louis Keiner

After six power jams in the first half, Tampa managed to stay in the lead, score at 98-62 by the half time break.

Tampa stuck to their broad five jammer rotation for the remainder of the game. And though none of the Tampa Tantrums’ jammers were in genuine danger of fouling out, they did accumulate a total of 9 trips to the box between them. Laryn Kill was the most penalty heavy jammer with four earned throughout the game, while Ana Cheng received two penalties, as did Smooth Operator. The other two jammers, Little A and PhDesiel earned only one penalty apiece.

Steel City’s three jammer rotation was broken up by frequent star passes to Bonecrusher, who eventually fouled out of the game. Rock Hard Candy remained in the rotation in despite earning a precarious five penalties in her time on the track. It seemed a risk that Steel City was willing to take, because Rock Hard Candy ended the game as the third highest scorer overall. While, thanks to a couple of big jams, Snot Rocket Science was the top scorer for Steel Hurtin’ with 89 points.

Tampa spread the points around more evenly. Little A picked up 68 points, followed by Ana Cheng with 47, and Laryn Kill with 32.

Photo by Louis Keiner

Photo by Louis Keiner

Steel City earned lead in the penultimate jam and added a quick 4 points before Tampa could score. Then Laryn Kill earned the last lead call of the game, but earned a penalty that allowed Snot Rocket Science to launch Steel City’s score up an impressive 28 points. Even that addition was not enough to take the win, and Tampa rolled away with a victory of 197-174 over Steel City.

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