D1J: #5 Tampa hurricanes # 7 Glasgow, 284-100.

D1J: #5 Tampa hurricanes # 7 Glasgow, 284-100. Photo credit Ken LeBleu

JACKSONVILLE, FL– Both teams entered the game with a loss thus far in the Jacksonville tournament. During the course of the first day, Tampa was defeated by Atlanta and Glasgow was upset by Charlottesville on Friday. But seedings won out when Tampa defeated Glasgow after a tough match, 284-100.

The Tampa Tantrums opened up the game with two lead calls from Little A and Smooth Operator earning 4 points apiece. The next two lead calls went to Glasgow’s Sarah McMillan, and Megan Hyndman. Both McMilian and Hyndman added a grand slam, which placed Glasgow IRN Bruisers in the lead, 10-8 after four minutes of play. Though Glasgow played a scrappy game and had some impressive jams, the IRN Bruisers would trail for the remainder of the game.

From the start, both teams favored a power quad formation but Tampa was able to use their offensive blockers more effectively to free their jammers.

For Tampa, the blockers that gave the most trouble to Glasgow’s jammers were Lunch Lady, Panty Bandit, Slayor Moon—who were often in the same pack—and Lily the Kid. Tampa’s blockers routinely held Glasgow in a power quad that barely moved forward despite heavy pushing. The Tantrums’ defense exhibited its strength in lateral moment as the power quad was able to shift as a whole to cover the track. Tampa would also detach one blocker from the quad to shift backwards and track the opposing jammer to the boundaries of the track before rejoining the formation.

Offensively, Tampa spit and screened the Glasgow defense for a quick passes through the pack. When sending in an offensive blocker to destroy the wall holding back their jammer, Tampa was able to deliver one hit then set either a secondary screen or deliver another block to clear the path.

Glasgow’s defense was also incredibly strong. At one point Glasgow’s defensive formation held Smooth Operator at a near standstill for 90 seconds. The main difference between Tampa’s power quad and Glasgow’s was Tampa’s ability to consistently finish and drive out Glasgow’s jammer. Glasgow also found success knocking out Tampa, but often their defense drove Tampa to the outside and left just enough track for Tampa’s jammers to sprint or hop up the line.

Initially, when Glasgow’s jammers were stuck in the pack, blockers crashed into Tampa’s power quad in an attempt to break it up but Glasgow was unable to transition quickly enough back to defense in time to prevent Tampa from skating through the pack untouched.

After Tampa ran up the score 65-10, Glasgow called a team time out and seemed to have addressed this issue.

Glasgow’s offensive strategy was similar to Tampa’s: send blockers into bust up the power quad. The IRN Bruisers were not quite as effective as Tampa at this because often, the blockers would make one hit and stop. Frequently the one off hit was enough to create a hole for their jammers to escape through though often Tampa was able to quickly reform.

In the first half Little A earned 100% lead status and skated penalty free. Tampa’s highest scorer at the half was PhDiesel who earned two penalties. At halftime Tampa Tantrums led Glasgow IRN Bruisers, 124-65.

Photo credit Quick'N'Derby

Photo credit Quick’N’Derby

The second half of play was consistent with the first: strong power quads and braced walls from both sides.

Marshall Lawless, Glasgow’s top scorer with 33 points, opened the half for Glasgow with a lead call and a 3-3 jam. Over the next five jams, Tampa earned lead five times and was able to shut out Glasgow from the scoreboard. After losing lead to Glasgow in the next jam, Tampa responded with another five jam lead streak that was capped by a 33 point jam by Laryn Kill after a back block sent Megan Hyndman to the box.

Glasgow continued to show the power of their power quad and were soon able to hold Tampa scoreless while their own jammer collected a grand slam.

Lily the Kid helmed great partner bracing at the front of the pack, and Tampa tracked the jammer across the track before rotating and delivering multiple hits to ensure Glasgow went out of bounds.

But then blocker penalties almost became a problem for Tampa. At 15 minutes remaining in play, both Panty Bandit and Lunch Lady sat for their 5th penalties of the game. Fortunately for Tampa, neither fouled out. While for Glasgow, Mona Rampage fouled out with 3:37 left to play.

Tampa Tantrums won with a final score of 284-100 over Glasgow.

Photo credit Ken LeBleu

Photo credit Ken LeBleu

Glasgow will play the 9th placer game tomorrow at 10am (EDT). Tampa will play Steel City later today at 6pm (EDT).


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