D1J: #3 Jacksonville (#9) beats #6 Detroit (#21), 262-71

D1J: #3 Jacksonville (#9) beats #6 Detroit (#21), 262-71 Photo by Ryan Quick/Quick 'N' Derby

JACKSONVILLE, FL– In Game 6, the home team at this tournament the Jacksonville Rollergirls New Jax City, defeated Detroit 262-71.  Jacksonville entered into Playoffs as the #3 seed with an overall WFTDA ranking of 9. though Flat Track Stats has Jacksonville ranked at #7. Detroit was seeded 6th and ranked 21st in the WFTDA and on Flat Track Stats

Jacksonville earned the first lead call of the game as Jamsterella picked up the first grand slam of the game as well. The next jam would cause a lead change for Detroit, as Helen Killer picked up lead and lapped Erin Jackson for a total of 8 points. Krispy Kreme-Her retook the lead for New Jax City with a 14-point jam, leaving the score at 19-10.

After that, Jacksonville gained momentum and held Detroit scoreless for the next 9 jams, despite not earning lead in two of those jams. Detroit relied on a four jammer rotation that saw Meryl Slaughterburg and Swift Justice share the fourth spot. Though Detroit maintained their rotation as an outline, they were flexible enough to put out their top two jammers, Feta Sleeze and Helen Killer, every other jam as needed.

Nearing the end of the first quarter of play Jacksonville received their first power jam of the game with Krispy Kreme-Her as jammer after Meryl Slaughterburgh received a misconduct call. Krispy Kreme-Her capitalized on the opportunity and scored 12 points.

Jacksonville’s defense proved difficult for Detroit to break through as they continuously used quick water falling to the top of the pack and a flexible power quad and tripod formation. Detroit preferred to maintain a three wall with a brace but they were flexible with different styles of defense as they searched for the most effective formation against New Jax City. Detroit was unable to maintain it however, when the jammer engaged or when Jacksonville threw offense at them.

On the offensive front, Jacksonville was able to disrupt Detroit’s wall from forming before their jammer approached the pack. Jacksonville relied on screen setting and splitting the defense while Detroit played hard hitting offense off the line.

The next big jam for Jacksonville came after Swift Justice was sent to the box for a full minute after a low block and a track cut that were whistled concurrently. Erin Jackson enjoyed the minute power jam, pushing up their score by 15 points.

At the half: Jacksonville led Detroit, 119-33

After committing only 2 jammer penalties in the first half, Jacksonville ended the game with 6 trips to the box by their jammers. The first one in the second half was against Erin Jackson, who picked up 5 points and a skating out of bounds penalty while calling off the jam. New Jax City requested an official review to contest the skating out of bounds call only 1 minute into second half play. It was determined that Jackson skated out of bounds to avoid a hit before the first of the four whistles.

Next up was Jamsterella, who picked up a track cut, the second in under 5 minutes against Jacksonville, while attempting an apex jump. The final two jams of the game were a montage of penalties against both teams. For Detroit, Feta Sleeze picked up a penalty followed by blockers Racer Mcchaserher, Murder City Mistress, and Lazer Beam. Murder City Mistress collected an additional penalty in the last jam as well. The final jam of the game saw both jammers in the box.

Krispy Kreme-Her was Jacksonville’s top scorer with 108 points and a near perfect lead percentage. For Detroit, Hellen Killer was their leading scorer with 28 points and 3 penalties. Jacksonville won on their home turf, with a final score of 262-71. The win moved Jacksonville to the semi-final round against Denver, while Detroit hit the consolation bracket.

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