D1J: #10 Charlottesville (#38) Bruises #7 Glasgow (#26), 184-159

D1J: #10 Charlottesville (#38) Bruises #7 Glasgow (#26), 184-159 Photo by Louis Keiner. www.tsunamiphoto.com

JACKSONVILLE, FL – ­­Friday saw the first upset of the weekend when #7 seed Glasgow (#26) faced off against #10 seed Charlottesville (#38). Early on, it was evident that this would be a close match as both teams demonstrated strong defense, and challenged each other’s jammers with a full compliment of blockers or while short-handed. Ultimately, Charlottesville took the win 184-159 against Glasgow.

Throughout the game, the score stayed close with Charlottesville maintaining a small lead throughout, and just a couple lead changes. Charlottesville’s win came despite spending almost twice as much time in the box as their opponents, with 35 penalties to Glasgow’s 20.

Both teams are new to the playoff scene, but Glasgow came to Jacksonville by over 4,000 miles from from the UK. After Marshall Lawless got lead and 5 points for Glasgow, Charlottesville went on a 4-jam run, getting lead jammer status and taking the game lead 25-9. There are two Rogue Runners in the tournament this weekend, and Glasgow’s Rogue put up 2 grand slams to shorten their lead to just 7 points.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

For the rest of the half, the two teams split lead jammer calls fairly evenly, but Charlottesville was able to control jammers better, allowing their own to put up more points. Machete put up a 14-point jam, while B-one Bomber added 19, but these big jams were just keeping them on top as Glasgow continued to keeping inching back up, keeping the score close. At the half, Charlottesville held a 32-point lead at 114-82.

At the start of the second half, Glasgow channeled Scotland’s national animal, the unicorn, when Hydman closed the gap with a 19-point jam, Then they brought it to a 10-point game after chipping away with a handful of more points. Charlottesville stretched their lead again, despite Miller-Miller going to the box, scoring 18 points and forced Hyndman to pass the star for only 9.

Later on, Lawless delighted the crowd with a apex jump delivering the second lead change of the game putting Glasgow on top by 2 points. Lawless’s 9 points would be the last they would score however, as Charlottesville took solid control of the final jams, and after a 23-point power jam it was clear they would be upsetting their higher ranked opponent.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

Photo by Louis Keiner.

It was Charlottesville’s Machete who added those major points at the end, putting her as the high scorer for the Virginians with 55 points, while Hyndman led scoring for Glasgow at 47. Both teams had points spread farily evenly across their 4 main jammers.

Charlottesville will take on the #2 seed Denver tonight at 6pm EDT while Glasgow moves to the consolation bracket to play #5 seed Tampa Saturday at noon.

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