D1J: #1 London Beats Up # 8 Steel City, 408-42

D1J: #1 London Beats Up # 8 Steel City, 408-42 Photo by Louis Keiner

JACKSONVILLE, FL-London and Steel City met once before in 2011 at Anarchy in the UK. Steel City won that game, 119-79. Four years later, the teams met again, this time at the 2015 International D1 Playoffs at Jacksonville, and the story was quite different. London, the #1 seed for this Playoffs, is now ranked #4 in WFTDA and #2 according to Flat Track Stats, while Steel City came into the tournament as the #8 seed (WFTDA #29). This time, London Brawling crushed Steel Hurtin’, 408-42.

Snot Rocket Science took the star in the first jam, facing off against Stefanie Mainey. Unfortunately for Steel City, Snot earned a penalty in first jam, resulting in 28 points for Mainey and LRG. Steel City got lead in the second jam, thanks to a track cut on Rogue Runner drawn by Nick Rollfiliac. By the end of the jam, Steel City scored 8 points.

That was the last lead call that Steel City would see in 12 jams. In the meantime, London ran up their score to 205, holding Steel City scoreless for all but one jam. Lexi Lightspeed, who finished the game with 141 points, put up a jam of 24 and 38 points during this stretch. Stefanie Mainey added two big jams as well, scoring 19 and 24 points.

During the first quarter of the game especially, Steel City was so focused on providing offense to get their jammer out of the pack in order to stem the bleeding they simply forgot to play defense and London’s jammers flew through the pack unnoticed and untouched.


Photo by Louis Keiner.

Snot Rocket Science was next to earn lead for Steel City and score 17 points while shutting out London. The next few jams were more evenly matched, as Leanne Groll of Steel City managed to escape the pack quickly enough to force a 0-0 call off. The last jam of the half was a victory for Steel City with Leanne Groll out with the star again, this time to pick up 13 points to Lexi Lightspeed’s 12, ending the half with London in a commanding lead of 235-30 over Steel City.

The first three jams of the half were closer and shorter, with each side willing to call off the jam in order to keep their opponent off the board. Snot earned the first lead call of the half for Steel City and scored 2 points, but Trisha Smackanowa scored 2 as well. Once again London exerted their dominance with a 10 jam lead streak where they pushed their score to 368 and only allowed Steel City to add 5 points.

Rock Hard Candy earned lead to break London’s streak and called the jam at 0-0. London responded with 8 more consecutive lead calls where London Brawling shut out Steel City from the scoreboard, although this string of lead designations were accompanied by much shorter jams and smaller scores. Snot Rocket Science earned the final lead call for Steel City in the penultimate jam, Snot’s third lead of the game, and added 5 points to Trisha Smackanowa’s 4. Stefanie Mainey finished the game for London with 4 more points, bringing their total to 408-42.

This first win for London put them in the semi-final round against Atlanta, while Steel City entered the consolation bracket against the winner of Game 8.

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