D1D 9th Place: #9 Ohio Holds Off #10 Rideau Valley, 251-208

D1D 9th Place: #9 Ohio Holds Off #10 Rideau Valley, 251-208 Photo credit Danny Ngan.

DALLAS, TX – The 9th place game was an opportunity for Rideau Valley to better their position by 1 spot but staunch defense from Ohio Roller Girls and strong jamming thwarted Rideau Valley’s efforts. Ohio Roller Girls came away with 9th place seeding intact and their first win of the tournament, winning 251-208.

The Smacktivist set the tone for their game in the first jam with 4 unreplied points, and a quick call off. After 3 consecutive lead calls for Ohio and two power jams the Ohio Roller Girls led 24-0. Then, at 6 minutes into the half, Sister Disaster earned the first lead jammer call for Rideau Valley, but was unable to score.

However, 15 minutes into the half, Rideau Valley recovered some lost ground, narrowing the differential to 44-57 when a combination of 4 consecutive lead calls and strong defense allowed the Rideau Valley Vixens to make up ground.

Despite the comeback, the sheer number of jammer penalties against Rideau Valley prevented them from ever taking the lead from Ohio. In the first half, Rideau Valley jammers took eight trips to the box. While Ohio, in contrast, only sent their jammer to the box once. Unfortunately for Rideau Valley, many of their jammer penalties came back-to-back in a 5 penalty streak that was begun by Soul Rekker and passed on to Austin.

At the half, the amount of time Rideau Valley spent serving penalties was amply reflected on the scoreboard with Ohio Roller Girls firmly in the lead, at 134-65.

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Photo credit Danny Ngan

The second half began better for Rideau Valley as they earned the first two lead calls. The first jam ended in a 0-0 call off. Austin took control of the clock in the second jam and scored 17 points as Kitty Liquorbottom struggled on the scoring pass. The Vixens let the clock run, since penalties had created a pack advantage in their favor.

Though Rideau Valley was able to cut their jammer penalties in half, it still meant that they committed four in the second half. In comparison, Ohio Roller Girls only gave the Vixens two power jams, including a penalty against Kitty Liquorbottom. This provided a power jam to Shania Pain, but then Shania Pain received a penalty of her own. After exiting the box, Pain was assessed a second back block penalty, at which point Rideau Valley called an official review to contest the backblock call, but were unsuccessful.

After Austin scored 24 points while Burnadeath was stuck in the pack, Austin cut the track at the end of the jam, creating a power start for Hellionboi of Ohio. Ohio was once again able to capitalize on the power jam.

But Rideau Valley was not entirely alone in their penalty issues. Ohio’s Ena Flash fouled out with 5:30 left on the clock.

Though Rideau Valley was able to close the gap at times, finally the accumulation of jammer penalties prevented them from seizing the lead from Ohio Roller Girls. Ohio Roller Girls claimed 9th place with a win of 251-208 over Rideau Valley.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

Both Ohio Roller Girls and Rideau Valley Roller Girls finished the WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Dallas in the same spot they entered, #9 and #10 respectively.

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