D1D 7th Place: #5 Stockholm beats #7 Sun State, 210-146

D1D 7th Place: #5 Stockholm beats #7 Sun State, 210-146 Photo by Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

DALLAS, TX – With Sweden and Australia on the track, some watching this match up may have thought they were having deja vu from the 2011 World Cup, but this time it was Sweden who was victorious.

After winning 1 game this weekend and losing 2, Stockholm was looking to stay consistent and endure the whole 60 minutes of their last game to save themselves at 7th place after falling from their 5th seed.

Sun State, on the other hand, had lost both their games until this point, against the two Texan teams, and would have preserved the same place they arrived with, had they won.

Stockholm controlled the game from start to finish, despite their tiring 3-jammer rotation, and ultimately took 7th place with a 210-146 win against the Swarm.

With a key jammer duo of Mad Maloony and Lil Slinky, Stockholm patiently worked up 16 unanswered points in the first jams by getting lead status, and grabbing however many additions they could. Sun State’s blockers were able to keep those jams small however, by quickly springing their jammer followed up by using strong defense to trap Stockholm’s jammers long enough to force the call.

Sun State got their first points of the game, due to a power jam, and Jambi was able to put up 17 points in that jam. But then, since Maloony took lead status to the box with her, the full 2-minute jam yielded 13 points for Stockholm as well. Stockholm were able to add onto that with a power jam of their own, and with bulldozer offense, Slinky was able to score 4 grand slams taking the score to 49-17 with about 20 minutes left in the half.

Stockholm’s 11 skater roster meant they relied heavily on their two key jammers, with a rotation of 2 blocker walls, and also utilized Panika De Hex as jammer relief. After she received a power start and earned 4 points, Sun State won their official review, after stating that she cut the track at the end of the jam. This allowed a power jam for Jambi and The Swarm, adding 9 points before Panika returned and passed the star.

Stockholm again received a power jam right back, and showed that they were able to use those opportunities a little better by adding 15 more points to their total. Stockholm’s blockers started to rotate to the box with penalties however, and the Aussies were able to pick up the next 6 of 7 lead calls, adding in 26 points to Stockholm’s 2. In that run they also picked up two power jams as Panika gave up her second jammer penalty, and Lil Slinky committed a high block.

Sun State could use about half their skaters as jammers, giving them an exceptionally deep jammer bench. The team started to put Polly Crackers and SX in the star, but Jambi ended the game as their most played and successful jammer by far at 84 points. Jambi also ended the game with 5 jammer penalties, though, which helped Stockholm build up their lead in the first half. They ended the half strong, and after a double power jam they were ahead 121-64.

Stockholm continued to struggled with penalties, so that overall they had 18 more penalties than the Swarm, and at the return of the second half Sun State picked up more lead calls and started to inch back towards Stockholm. Their broad jammer selection couldn’t keep their play clean, and jammer penalties gave the control back to Sweden. Despite their mounting blocker penalty count and their tiring jammer rotation, they were able to keep earning lead jammer status and hang on in the second half of play.

Stockholm did begin to call off the jam too late when they had jam leads, letting a few points bleed to Sun State, and the strong Aussie defense zapped the remaining legs that Maloony and Slinky had. The Swarm scored the same between the two halves, but crucially kept Stockholm to just 89 points in the second half. Dodge & Bolt and Rose Ruin helped to keep their score down, while Blockodile Dundee swatted away opposing blockers to help out her jammers. While Carollin’ Thunder and Polygamy Winehouse seemed to never leave the track, but CrackHer and Blow Me were forced to when they accumulated 7 penalties, dwindling their already short roster.

Lil Slinky got the last word for Stockholm, scoring 8 points while Trauma Junkie passed the star to Beth Adder, and both scored as Slinky waited out the clock. With an 8-4 jam in Stockholm’s favor, they took the win and 7th place, 210-146.

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