D1D: #6 Dallas (#24) Lassos #9 Ohio (#34) 174-159

D1D: #6 Dallas (#24) Lassos #9 Ohio (#34) 174-159 Photo credit Danny Ngan

DALLAS, TX – Coming off of losses yesterday, #6 tournament seed Dallas took on #9 tournament seed Ohio in a closely matched game of jammer strength and defensive power. While both teams put up valiant fights to the very end of the game, Dallas was able to consistently overpower Ohio just enough to clinch victory in the end. Dallas took the win 174-159 and will go on to play Sun State Rollergirls at 6pm (CDT) today.

The game started fairly slowly, with Dallas exhibiting strong defense and both teams showing strong jamming power. Miley Virus quickly established herself as Dallas’ most consistently utilized jammer, while The Smacktivist proved to be Ohio’s prime jammer, as usual. By jam 4, Dallas had taken a good lead over Ohio, the score 27-7.

In the next jam, The Smacktivist asserted their jamming dominance, and brought the score 27-20. At this point, both teams were showing loose packs and the game was mostly a battle of jammer strength.

Dallas then found momentum, in spite of some early penalty trouble. Dallas utilized offensive blocking in addition to their strong defense, and held Ohio to only 8 points over the next several minutes of gameplay, the score 52-28 with just over 15 minutes left to play. This same offensive blocking allowed Dallas to continue to establish their lead, the score 90-40 in their favor with 7:45 left in the half.

In the last several minutes of the half, Ohio really found their footing and began taking advantage of some mistakes Dallas was making. Specifically, Ohio was able to put up some points in a few power jam situations in their favor, bringing the store much closer with 94-78 with 2:30 left to play. The Smacktivist was jammer in both of these instances, and was able to score these points in spite of strong defense on Dallas’ part.

In the last jam of the half, The Smacktivist went in again and got lead over Penny Postal for Dallas. With Penny right on their trail, The Smacktivist took their points and called the jam, the score 94-87 at the half.

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Coming into the second half, both Dallas and Ohio were playing similarly to how they were in the first half. The game ultimately continued to be a battle of jammer strength, with Ohio steadily closing in on Dallas.

In the fifth jam, Anita Riot got a track cut penalty for Dallas, giving The Smacktivist a power jam opportunity. They were able to take their first and only game lead for Ohio during this jam, the score briefly at 104-103 in Ohio’s favor. Anita Riot came out of the box, however, and the jam ended with the score 112-109 Dallas with 23:30 left to play.

In spite of increasingly strong and smart defense by Ohio, Dallas maintained just enough lead throughout the remainder of the second half to keep Ohio at bay. Their defense stopped Ohio’s jammers enough to allow them to squeeze in a few points per jam, typically keeping them only within a 20-point margin.

With just under 15 minutes left in the half, The Smacktivist took an important 15-point jam and brought the score 139-124 in Dallas’ favor. A few jams later, Sparrow Dynamic went to the box for Dallas on a track cut penalty, and The Smacktivist was able to put up some more points, bringing the score even closer 143-141 in Dallas favor with 9:45 left in the half.

Unfortunately, the following jam proved to be fairly devastating for Ohio as their jammer got stuck behind Dallas’ strong walls, and Miley Virus was able to put up a ton of points for Dallas, bringing the score 166-145.

The final jams of the game were a bit of back and forth with only a few points scored by each team per jam. In the end, Dallas maintained their lead, winning 174-159 over the Ohio Roller Girls All-Stars. The star of the game was undoubtedly The Smacktivist though, who, despite clearly feeling the weight of captaining a team that had seen disappointments through the tournament, gathered a full 136 game points – more than both Dallas top scorers Miley Virus and Anita Riot combined.

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Dallas will go on to play Sun State tonight at 6pm (CDT).

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