D1D 5th Place: #6 Dallas Defeats #8 Crime City, 205-109

D1D 5th Place: #6 Dallas Defeats #8 Crime City, 205-109 Photo by Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

DALLAS, TX—Crime City Rollers from Malmö, Sweden faced off against the host league, the Dallas Derby Devils in the 5th place game at the WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Dallas. Crime City entered the tourney seeded 8th and had already bettered their position regardless of the outcome of this game. Dallas, on the other hand, entered as the #6 seed and needed to win in order to preserve their spot. Crime City beat Ohio before losing to Rose City, which dropped them into the consolation bracket. They took on their fellow Swedes and ended up defeating Stockholm to move on to the 5th place game. Dallas’ first game was against Philly Roller Derby where they led at the half but Philly made changes at the break and beat Dallas. Dallas went on to defeat Ohio and then Sun State Roller Girls. Dallas Derby Devils won 205-109 over Crime City.

Ankefar led off with the star for Crime City and Dallas handed the star to Anita Riot to start the game. After pushing for 3/4 of the track, Ankefar earned lead and 1 point for Crime City. After that, Curly Håår knocked out Miley Virus and gained a fast lead call. Curly Håår put up 3 grand slams before Miley Virus was able to pass the star, the second star pass of the game for Dallas. Postal Penny was the first to earn lead for the Dallas Derby Devils Army of Darkness. Malmo’s Hanna P remained trapped in the pack as Postal Penny collected 10 points.

Prince Sofia was called out for a blocking with the head call after trying to fight through a strong tripod of Dallas. Crime City killed the entire penalty, refusing to let Sparrow Dynamic escape the pack. In the next jam, Dallas took advantage of blocker penalties and gained a quick lead call and 4 points, bringing the score to within 2. Postal Penny once again earned lead and chose to let the clock run in order to take advantage of a short pack for Malmö. Postal Penny was able to bring the score within 1 point. Ankefar went to the box on a track cut and once again Crime City was able to kill the penalty.

Dallas took the lead 50-48 for the first time in the game with 10:20 minutes left in the first half. A penalty on Postal Penny allowed the Malmö captain, Curly Håår, to close the gap to 2 points. In the next jam, Hanna P cut the track and left Miley Virus in charge of the clock on a power jam. Virus extended Dallas’ lead to 18 points.

Crime City clawed their way back in the last 5 minutes of the half, narrowing the gap, but Dallas Derby Devils held onto their lead, 82-66 at halftime.

The second half opened exactly as the game did. Ankefar claimed lead, 82-72. Then a power jam went to the Army of Darkness as Curly Håår cut the track. Miley Virus took advantage, scoring 19 points for Dallas, and then a few jams later, Hanna P picked up a track cut.

Penalties quickly became an issue for Crime City. Unable to keep their blockers or jammers on the track, Crime City’s power quad defense that was so effective in the first half was reduced to a two wall with their jammer often playing defense for a few moments. With 15:45 left to play, Tjutet fouled out, leaving Crime City with 12 skaters. Juicy Butther fouled out as well with just 2:30 remaining on the clock.

Once again, Hanna P took a seat in the box. Curly Håår donned the pivot stripe and knocked out Anita Riot multiple times, killing the penalty before being passed the star. Late in the game Curly Håår picked up a track cut which was followed by another cut committed by Ankefar. The effect of the power jams were minimized however, as Crime City’s defense was able to draw the cut against Postal Penny.

For Dallas, Blakely and The Little Murdermaid gave Crime City the most trouble. Both blockers for the Army of Darkness were responsible for multiple hit outs and in charge of recycling Crime City jammers and blockers alike.  Dykestalker for Crime City put on a one person show, holding back Anita Riot for the entire straightaway.

Though Crime City held an early lead, penalties allowed Dallas Derby Devils to take control of the game and the win, 205-109. The Dallas Derby Devils took 5th place, improving their position by 1 spot, while Crime City leave Texas with 6th place, 2 places above their initial seeding.

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