D1D: #5 Stockholm peaks #10 Rideau Valley, 290-84

D1D: #5 Stockholm peaks #10 Rideau Valley, 290-84 Photo by Danny Ngan
Dallas, TX — The second day of Dallas D1 playoffs brought international competitors from Sweden and Canada to the track as Stockholm Roller Derby lined up against Rideau Valley Roller Girls for the first game of Saturday’s match-ups. Both teams came in fresh off a loss on Friday, Rideau Valley having fallen to Sun State by 72 points and Stockholm losing out to Rat City by 131. Owing to their early losses, today’s game offered the victor a shot at clinching an overall 5th place finish, while the loser will play again Sunday for a chance at coming in 9th.

Despite Stockholm’s short roster of 11 skaters, which certainly contributed to yesterday’s loss as 2 players fouled out and left only 9 to finish up against Rat City in the second half, the team seemed refocused and determined to avoid another such outcome. Stockholm jammers Mad Maloony and Lil Slinky took lead for the first 3 jams consecutively, quickly opening up a 15-point lead while holding their Rideau Valley opponents scoreless despite efforts of jammers Soul Rekker and Melanie Austin.
Rideau’s Shania Pain (skating today under teammate Jessica Rabid’s number 007, to the initial confusion of fans and announcers) was able to put up the first points for her team thanks to Rideau blockers recycling Lil Slinky back into the pack just before she broke out to continue Stockholm’s streak.
Photo by Donnalee Eiri/ D.E.sign Photography

Photo by Donnalee Eiri/ D.E.sign Photography

Jam 5 saw Panika De Hex take the line for Stockholm, and owing to some fantastic blocking by her teammates, she was able to double their score as blockers held back Rideau’s Soul Rekker, who struggled under heavy waterfalls and recycling as Panika racked up 3 grand slams, bringing the score up to 30-2.
This early trend continued throughout most of the bout, as Stockholm was often able to keep Rideau blockers spread out or distracted enough to earn themselves lead jammer for exact 2/3 of total jams. All 11 of their skaters remained viable for play this morning (their greatest penalty offenders earned only 4 at the most today). Rideau’s Vixens committed more than double their opponents’ jammer penalties (10 to Stockholm’s 4), which added to their struggles as power jams continued to pile on to the scoreboard. Stockholm led by a landslide, heading into halftime at 149-38.
The second half started out almost exactly like the first, as Stockholm kept Rideau from adding any points for the first 4 jams. Once again, it was Rideau’s Shania Pain that broke the cycle, taking lead and putting up a quick 3 points in the half’s 5th jam. A track cut by Soul Rekker (1 of the 7 jammer penalties to hit Rideau Valley in the second half) pushed Stockholm into a 150-point lead,198-48.
Rideau Valley just could not come out from under their Swedish opposition, despite displaying some heavy hitting and strong efforts from all skaters. As power jams and strong defense by Stockholm kept holding their jammers back, the last whistle sounded with a final score of 290-84.
Photo by Donnalee Eiri/ D.E.sign Photography

Photo by Donnalee Eiri/ D.E.sign Photography

Over half of Stockholm’s points were earned by Mad Maloony (157 in total, partially due to her benefiting from 7 of her opponents’ 10 jammer penalties by raking in the power jams). She and the rest of her 10 teammates will advance to play some very familiar faces this afternoon, as Stockholm takes on #8 seed Crime City for a chance to advance on to 5th place in a #swedishshowdown.
Rideau Valley will move on to skate Sunday against the loser of today’s Ohio vs. Dallas game, playing off for a 9th place finish.
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