D1D: #4 Rat City Traps #3 Philly Roller Derby, 178-154.

D1D: #4 Rat City Traps #3 Philly Roller Derby, 178-154. Photo credit Danny Ngan.

DALLAS, TX – In the third place game of the Dallas tournament, Philly Roller Derby was seeded to take home the third place medal, but were ultimately unable to overpower Rat City’s relentless defense and consistent lead jammer status. Philly did not take lead once in this game, but put up a noble fight against Rat City.

In spite of a surge in the second half by Philly, Rat City maintained their lead over the #3 seed, taking home the bronze 178-154.

In the first jam, Luna Negra got lead for Rat and was able to score 8 points before V-Diva was able to put any points on the board for Philly. This set the tone for much of the game, as Rat City consistently established lead jammer over Philly and was able to control jams.

For the most part, this game showed very fast packs with defense that alternated between being loose and a grinding three-and-one defense.

By jam 5, Rat City had a 28-1 lead over Philly, but Philly claimed lead jammer for the first time in the game. They were able to put ten points up, showing that had they been able to get lead jammer more often, they would likely have been able to maintain more dominance in the game.

With 18:15 left to play, Philly had closed the point differential to 37-29, taking advantage of Rat City’s somewhat frantic defense.

Philly was unable to maintain this momentum, however, and Rat City’s main jammers Kayla Gaska and Xena helped increase their lead 75-45. By this point, defense looked a bit grittier and more what you would expect at this level of play. At the half, the score stood 87-65 in Rat City’s favor after a bit of a run by V-Diva in the last jam of the half.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

The second half of this game started with Philly getting lead jammer more frequently than they had in the first half. Philly came into the half digging in more than they had been in the first half as well, and they were able to creep the score closer, sitting 105-94 with 21:55 left to play.

It looked as though Philly might be able to overtake Rat City, but they lost footing in jam 9 when V-Diva went to the box. With 16:30 left in the half, the score was 136-107 and both teams were again demonstrating chaotic defense and fast pack speed.

With just over ten minutes left to play, Rat City continued taking lead while Philly seemed to be losing even more steam. The score was 156-114, and Philly’s chances of pulling ahead seemed to be dwindling more and more. Philly was able to get lead in the next few jams, but with chaotic packs continuing, Rat increased their lead 168-126.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

Photo credit Danny Ngan.

Rat City continued to make Philly fight for each point they earned in the remainder of the game, and finally with 2:32 left to play, one of Philly’s top blockers, Tarantula, fouled out. Philly had a slim opportunity to nearly overtake Rat City when Kayla Gaska went to the box on two consecutive penalties, but they just weren’t able to make quite enough headway to claim game lead. With 0:26 left in the game, and another jam left to play, the score sat at 171-141.

A final jam by V-Diva in which she got lead allowed Philly to put a few more points on the board, but not enough to win the bronze. Rat City will return to Seattle with a third place medal and a trip to Champs in the bag, the final score 178-154, while Philly misses out on a Championship spot this time.


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