D1D: #2 Texas Massacres #3 Philly Roller Derby, 203-99

D1D: #2 Texas Massacres #3 Philly Roller Derby, 203-99 Photo by Danny Ngan

DALLAS,TX— With the second guaranteed spot in the WFTDA 2015 International Championships on the line, Texas Rollergirls and Philly Roller Derby both came out strong, though Philly seemed to have the upper hand. After 30 minutes of lead changes, the half ended in Philly’s favor. Texas made smart lineup changes and strategy adjustments in the second half that Philly struggled to cope with. A penalty-filled second half, where most came back-to-back, for Philly Roller Derby also affected their cohesion and play. The Texas Texacuitioners reined in penalties and managed to keep their jammers on the track during the second period, allowing the Texas Rollergirls to dominate, 203-99.

V-Diva kicked off the game with a lead call and 2 points for Philly. In the second jam, a back block on Bloody Mary was followed by a penalty by Smarty Pants and CC Boom, leaving Herrmann Monster on a power jam with only 2 Texacutioners to play defense. Fifi Nomenon was first to earn lead for Texas, but once again the TXRG blockers picked up penalties, forcing Fifi to run the jam to burn off the penalties even though Philly scored as well.

V-Diva picked up a forearm penalty and returned to the track only to pick up a track cut. Texas closed the gap to 6, and took on a power start for Bloody Mary. V-Diva was assessed a third consecutive penalty, giving a power start and the lead to Fifi Nomenon and Texas, 29-20.

Bloody Mary sat for 1 minute as a second penalty was assessed, leaving Philly in prime position to recapture the lead, 30-29. Killmartin was on a power jam despite only having two blockers on the track for Texas, the Texacutioners did slow Philly’s jammer. After returning to the track, Bloody Mary received a high block while attempting to pass the star, serving her fourth penalty in a row. FiFi Nomenenon relieved Bloody Mary of the star after the power jam was over, allowing Texas to reclaim the lead 44-43 with 10:50 to go in the half, as Devoida Mercy was trapped in a power quad.

Texas Rollergirls hold back Philly Roller Derby: Photo by Donnalee Eiri/D.E.sign Photography

Photo by Donnalee Eiri/D.E.sign Photography

Hauss the Boss took the star for the first time at the Dallas Playoffs and earned lead, but was not able to call it off before V-Diva stole 2 points. A few jams later in their next match-up V-Diva bested Hauss the Boss, closing the gap to 4 points. The penalty woes of Texas continued in the first half with Fifi Nomenon, who picked up a forearm penalty, Texas’ fifth jammer penalty of the half. By the end of the first period, Texas accumulated 20 penalties. Philly Roller Derby followed close behind with 16.

In the last jam of the half, V-Diva retook the lead for Philly Roller Derby, 64-57.

Out of the locker room, Texas immediately made adjustments that proved to be the difference in the game. Bloody Mary did not jam in the second half, after collecting 4 penalties while wearing the star in the first. The Texacutioners added Freight Train to the jammer rotation in hopes of breaking up Philly’s tough walls. Texas also immediately played offense, which enabled them to escape the pack much faster. A final halftime change was Texas’ decision to break up Philly’s strong back wall and prevent them from setting up. Texas defense held strong, effectively drawing penalties against Philly Roller Derby blockers and jammers alike, thinning out the pack.

Texas Rollergirls hold back V-Diva: Photo by Danny Ngan

Photo by Danny Ngan

Freight Train lined at the jam line for the first time this weekend against V-Diva, who took a quick lead and 4 points for Texas. Olivia Shootin’ John challenged Herrmann Monster, did not earn lead but forced the call off for a 0-0 jam. Fifi Nomenon picked up 4 points for Texas while Killmartin struggled against Smarty, CC Boom, and Trauma. Texas retook the lead 70-68. In the next jam, Freight Train was out for lead and 5 points as V-Diva sat for 30 seconds, allowing a huge power jam. V-Diva held in the pack after returning to the track.

After a few rough jams for Philly Roller Derby, they called a time out, but Texas continued their run as Hauss the Boss put up a 15 point jam, that turned into a power start for Fifi Nomenon, though towards the end of the jam Fifi was assessed a low block. Texas called a team time out.

Late in the game, Texas called an official review, which successfully rescinded the penalty against Polygon.

In total, the Philly Liberty Belles’ accumulated 9 jammer penalties. 6 of those penalties came in the second half. Philly’s penalties were not limited to their jammers, blockers also struggled and Tarantula fouled out for Philly with 2:30 left on the clock.

Despite an early lead for Philly, Texas showed their ability to adapt to another team, while still playing their style of derby. Texas won with a commanding lead, 203-99.

With this win, Texas secured their spot at Champs in November and will advance to play Rose City, Sunday at 6pm (CDT).

Philly will have to defeat Rat City at 4pm (CDT) Sunday in order to advance to Champs.

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