D1D: #2 Texas (#7) Slaughters #7 Sun State (#28), 349-111

D1D: #2 Texas (#7) Slaughters #7 Sun State (#28), 349-111 Photo by Danny Ngan Photography.

Dallas, TX—The #2 seed Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners (#7 in WFTDA) slaughtered the #7 seed Sun State Roller Girls, 349-111. Sun State put up a valiant fight, and despite the 200+ loss, the game was not without success for the team from Brisbane. There were a few noticeable absences from the Texecutioners lineup, including Freight Train and Hipel—who was bench coaching today.

The first lead jam call went to Jambi from Sun State who kicked things off with a 5-point grand slam against Bloody Mary. In the next jam, Olivia Shootin’ John responded with 3 grand slams plus a four point pass, placing Texas in the lead 22-8. Fifi Nomemon took the star next and added to their total but Sun State was also able to score.

Sun State reached the top of their jammer rotation and sent out Jambi, who once again took lead as Bloody Mary headed to the box. This set the tone for the first half as Jambi earned lead three consecutive times and finished with 5 lead calls out of 8 appearances. Rounding out Sun State’s jammer rotation were Dodge & Bolt and Rose Ruin—who finished the game with 12 points a piece. Jambi was also the only Swarm jammer to earn lead until the final jam of the half when Dodge & Bolt scooped up lead and 8 points.

Out of Texas’ three jammer rotation, Fifi Nomenon initially had the most trouble breaking through the pack. Fifi Nomenon soon figured out the ideal combination of push and spinning to break down the Sun State’s swarming defense, ending the half with 56 points—23 of which came in a single jam.

Texas’s official review resulted in points being adjusted. Texas choose to trust their blockers and let the jam run when they controlled the clock. The strategy often paid off, as Sun State’s blockers had a tendency to pick up penalties during 2-minute jams. Texas was not without their own penalty issues. Dolores Fuertes was particularly penalty heavy in the first half, earning three in quick succession but was able to stay out of the box for the remainder of the game. Smarty Pants took an uncharacteristically high four trips to the box during the game.

Jambi sent to the box followed by OJ on a high block. After a few passes, a low block penalty was assessed on OJ with only 11 seconds on the clock. Texas immediately called an official review to use it as a time out, to ensure that Olivia Shootin’ John would exit the box before the half ended.

At the halftime: Texas led 165-76.

Texas continued to control the pack and the game. With the exception of a few penalty streaks that left the Texecutioners down skaters, the pack speed was dictated by the Texas Rollergirls.

A jammer penalty against Jambi, left Fifi Nomenom on a power jam. With the exception of a some penalties against Smarty Pants and Polygon, Texas controlled the pack. Both teams matched their number of jammer penalties from the first half, 3 against Texas and 6 for Sun State, in the second half.

Rose Ruin ended up fouling out with only 3 minutes left in the game. LadyKiller ended with 5 while Jambi took a total of 5 trips to the box. Jambi was the highest scorer on the Swarm, earning 61 points across 17 jams.

Sun State found some success in passing the star quickly after Texas escaped the pack. Unfortunately this strategy also created penalties in the form of forearms and high blocks.

At the end of the game, Texas was the clear victor, 349-111. Texas will advance to play Philly Roller Derby tomorrow at 8pm. Sun State will move to the consolation bracket where they will take on the winner of Ohio versus Dallas, tomorrow at 12pm.

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