D1D: #2 Rose City Traps #4 Rat City, 287-150.

D1D: #2 Rose City Traps #4 Rat City, 287-150. Photo credit Danny Ngan

DALLAS, TX – After winning their first games of the tournament, Rat City and Rose City met to determine who would advance to the 1st place game and qualify for Champs. The battle between two top teams from the pacific northwest began a closely matched game with multiple lead changes and momentum swings. However, Rose City started to take control late in the first half and ran away with the game in the second half, finishing with a score of 287-150 and the win.

Rat City Rollergirls earned the first lead designation and took the game lead initially after Luna Negra, once again being called Lunacorn for this game, picked up 2 unreplied points.

In the next jam, Rose sent out Scald Eagle who stole the game lead back from Rat City, though a quick star pass by Rat City held Scald Eagle to a solitary 4 points.

Licker *N* Split, picked up a low block in the following jam, allowing Genevieve Moore to escape the pack and enjoy a power jam where Rat retook the lead 7-4. Xena, in the following jam, claimed lead off a power start, padding their lead by 5 points.

Back at the top of both teams’  jammer rotation saw Luna Negra earn lead again adding 4 more points as she enjoyed a pack advantage.

In the next jam, Kayla Gaska (Missile America) went up again against Scald Eagle, who earned lead quickly, but Gaska passed the star again, forcing the call off after a single scoring pass for Rose City. Rat used the star pass throughout the first half effectively as a way to stem the bleeding.

Amid a four jam lead streak for Rose, Rat was unable to pass the star as their pivot sat in the box leaving Loren Mutch to reclaim the lead for Rose City 23-16 after scooping up 12 points.

Ms. Dr Joseph L. Simonis, a recent transfer from Windy City, headed to the penalty box, the second jammer penalty against Rose, allowing Kayla Gaska to pick up their first lead call and points of the game. In the next jam, after a power start, Moore pushed Rat City back in the lead, 33-26.

Rat City retook control with a five jam lead streak, and after multiple rounds of recycling Rat City forced a track cut on Loren Mutch, just as Luna Negra ran up the score 53-26. Rat City once again chose to ice the Rose jammer in the box and begin with a power start—a strategy that worked well for the team.

Scald Eagle flew out of the pack to pick up lead but during a scoring pass they also picked up a low block and Rat City was finally able to complete a star pass to Lacey Ramon, who also picked up a penalty. At the end of the jam, Scald Eagle closed the gap to 20 points with the assistance of that powerjam flip.

Rose mounted a comeback and Scald Eagle reclaimed the game lead for Rose City during a 33 point jam as Rat City’s jammer was trapped in the pack, before heading out but only to the box, 97-72.

At the end of the half, a combination of jammer penalties and streaks of blocker penalties put Rose in a position to capitalize, which they did, rolling into the break with 138-82.

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Photo credit Danny Ngan

The first jam of the second half was indicative of the play that would follow, with penalties against Rat City that thinned out the pack making the path a bit easier for Rose City to collect multiple scoring passes. Kayla Gaska sent to the box just prior to Loren Mutch collecting lead, calling the jam after 5 points.

After 5 minutes of play in the second half, Rose led 160-96, following an impressive 7 jam lead streak. Rose’s run was finally broken by Luna Negra claiming the jam lead for Rat City.

Jammer penalties became a key problem in the second half for Rat City, but penalties in general were also an issue. In total, Rat City jammers took 9 trips to the box, 8 of which occurred in the second half. The worst offenders for Rat City were Suchy-Dicey and Kayla Gaska, who picked up a penalty as a blocker after passing the star, then in the next jam picked up a back block and an insubordination.

In the final quarter of the game, Rat City picked up a string of lead calls, but could not overcome the deficit in the time that was left. While Rose City ran down the clock at every opportunity they could in the last 15 minutes of the game.

In the final jam, Scald Eagle took on Luna Negra jamming, but back to back track cuts on both jammers meant the jam would run for the full two minutes. In the end, Rose City ran away with the game in the second half, 287-150. Scald Eagle was Rose City’s top scoring jammer with an impressive 137 points, which equaled the differential between the two teams’ final scores. While Xena was Rat City’s top performer, besting teammate Luna Negra by 1 point with 38.

Photo credit Danny Ngan

Photo credit Danny Ngan

With this win Rose City will automatically qualify for the WFTDA 2015 Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota in November. Here in Dallas, the Wheels of Justice will advance to the final and play the winner of Philly Roller Derby versus Texas Rollergirls tomorrow night at 6pm (CDT).

Rat City will have to fight for 3rd place against the loser of Philly v. Texas in order to compete in Champs this year, tomorrow at 4pm (CDT).

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