D1D 1st Place: #1 Rose City takes #2 Texas, 257-223.

D1D 1st Place: #1 Rose City takes #2 Texas, 257-223. Photo by Danny Ngan

DALLAS, TX—In the 1st place game Rose City Wheels of Justice took on the Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners for the second time this season. In their first meeting, Rose City won by 46 points. But then Texas has a history of beginning their seasons slowly. Since that matchup Texas has altered their jammer rotation and continued to do so throughout this playoff weekend, adjusting to their opponents. Rose City only has one loss to their record this season, coming against London.

Despite giving up 14 power jams, Rose City maintained the lead for the majority of game. Texas struggled to get their jammers through the pack on the initial pass, which resulted in a late preoccupation with offense. That focus on getting their jammers out after Rose was on a scoring pass resulted in multiple scoring passes where Rose City was able to slip through up the lines, untouched and unnoticed.

Rose City beat Texas, 257-223. Rose City will leave Dallas with 1st place and secured a spot for themselves in the top seeding round at Champs. Texas will also advance to Champs in November, with 2nd placing out of Dallas.

As was often the case this weekend, the first jam was very predictive of the game that would follow. Loren Mutch took the star first for Rose City but gave a power jam to Texas and Olivia Shootin’ John. This would be the first of 7 jammer penalties in the first half against Rose City. Fortunately for Rose, they were consistently able to kill the penalty, owing to a seemingly unbreakable power quad of defense. In this jam, Loren Mutch returned from the box and escaped the pack first, but OJ earned lead and called it off for an unscoring first jam.

Scald Eagle bested Bloody Mary in the next jam, running the score up 19-2. Fifi Nomenon was up next, taking on Licker *N* Split. Fifi earned lead and ran the jam because a sudden rush of penalties had left Rose with only Jess Rivas on the track. Fifi tied up the score briefly but then earned a high block penalty. That jam then ended with Rose City still in the lead, 28-27.

Rose City sent out Mutch for the power start but it was Texas’ turn to kill the penalty, giving Fifi Nomenon time to earn lead jammer and push Texas ahead, 31-28.

Texas’s lead was short lived. In the next jam, Scald Eagle stole the lead back for Rose City while Texas’ jammer was trapped in Rose’s defense. Eventually Freight Train was passed the star, forcing the call off at 57-35, with Rose in the lead.

The next jam launched a comeback for Texas when Bloody Mary earned lead over Ms. Dr. Joseph Simonis and cut the deficit by and unreplied 13. A series of penalties against Rose City jammers began a few jams later. In total, Rose City took 3 trips to the box within 3 jams. Despite the power jams for Texas, they were never able to fully capitalize on the opportunities. The Wheels of Justice, however, continually killed the penalties, stifling Texas’ jammers.

Texas was able to make up the most ground during a chain of penalties committed by Ms. Dr. Joseph Simonis, beginning with Hauss The Boss taking an initial lead designation. Haus The Boss called that jam as Ms. Dr. Joseph Simonis was standing. This choice was one Texas would repeatedly make during the remainder of the game, handing themselves powerstarts. In this instance it paid off. The result was Fifi Nomenon jamming unopposed for 10 seconds before Ms. Dr. Joseph picked up another penalty after returning to the track. When the second penalty ended Ms. Dr. Joseph Simonis returned to the track and collected the 3rd penalty in a row. Haus The Boss took the star once more on a power start and earned lead. Ms Dr. Joseph Simonis was finally able to pass the star to Licker *N* Split.

At the end of a very painful series of jams for Rose, the score still stood in Rose’s favor, but just barely. Ms. Dr. Joseph Simonis sat for the remainder of the game. At the half, Rose City led 128-112 over Texas.

On the return, a couple of jams in Fifi Nomenon took the line with Scald Eagle, who went out for a directional penalty, her 3rd penalty of the game. Fifi iced Scald Eagle in the box with another call-off for a powerstart, a decision which did not pay off for Texas, as it effectively gave Scald Eagle two jams in a row to do damage.

Texas took a timeout to plan their power start and switched up their jammer rotation, giving Hauss the Boss the star for Texas instead of Bloody Mary. The change did not have the intended effect, as Scald Eagle flew out of the box and collected lead jammer. Then that lead call was followed by a track cut penalty by Hauss The Boss, and Scald Eagle ended up cleaning up a massive 23-0 on that jam.

Licker *N* Split was sent out on a penalty a few jams later. And once again Texas chose to call the jam off and leave her in the box. This time, that decision worked out better for the Texecutioners as Hauss the Boss took the star and lead, scoring 19 points. Polygon provided much needed offensive support at this point, hitting out Swanson to allow Hauss to step back in. Texas’s defense gave Licker *N* Split some trouble, forcing her to star pass to Swanson. After the huge jam by Hauss The Boss, Texas narrowed the gap but did not retake the game lead, score still at 158-146 with 21:33 left in the game.

After a run of penalties against Rose City, only one blocker was left on the track for the team, allowing Hauss the Boss to pick up lead, and close the score even further to 169-160. Texas inched closer, but the lead remained out of reach.

Shortly thereafter a huge jam by Scald Eagle ended with a 21 point spread between the teams, widening the game lead even further out of reach for Texas.

After Texas called a denied official review, soon Scald Eagle received another cut penalty, their 4th of the game. And then Loren Mutch was next to give up a power jam to Texas, so Fifi Nomenon finally was able to earn lead. Smarty Pants took lead off the power start, and landed an impressive apex jump, earning 4 unreplied points.

Scald Eagle followed up with impressive footwork in the next jam, splitting the defense like it was nothing and taking the wide open inside line. As Scald Eagle skated though the pack on another scoring pass, another penalty was assessed to her. Hauss The Boss called off the jam after Scald Eagle returned to the track with 30 seconds left on the the clock. Texas then called a time out and sent Smarty Pants out with the star against Loren Mutch, with the score in Rose’s favor at 257-223. Smarty then picked up a cut, though it was assessed after Loren Mutch earned lead, and carefully watched as the clock wound down before calling off the final jam.

The final score remained unchanged from the previous jam, with Rose City Wheels of Justice claiming 1st place with a win of 257-223 over the Texas Texecutioners.

Rose City

Photo by Donnalee Eiri/ D.E.sign Photography

Scald Eagle flew away with the high score for Rose City, scoring a total of  160 points in the final game, a total of 417 across the three games her team played in the tournament (or 139 per game), and deservingly was awarded Tournament MVP for her performance.

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