D1D: #1 Rose City (#2) Stamps Out #8 Crime City (#30), 406-25

D1D: #1 Rose City (#2) Stamps Out #8 Crime City (#30), 406-25 Photo by Danny Ngan Photography. facebook.com/dannynganphotography

DALLAS, TX- Ranked #2 overall, Rose City faced #30 ranked Crime City in their first game of the weekend, and paced themselves through a clean, disciplined game. Leaping to a large lead right away, Rose City worked patiently against the aggressive and persistent Crime City defense, taking their first game of the weekend 405-25.

Rose City quickly built up a 33-0 lead against Crime City, with a rotation of Loren Mutch (known to some as Mulch), Scald Eagle, Licker*N*Split, and Napolean Blownapart. Crime City found their first victory almost ten minutes into the game when Licker gave up the first jammer penalty and left Dykestalker, previously the pivot, on a power jam. With the full 2 minute jam, Crime came away with one grand slam, finally getting on the board, but Licker also picked up 15.

The first half was full of star stashes and passes by Crime City as Rose picked up all but one lead jam status. They had varying levels of effectiveness, sometimes catching Rose City off guard, but other times leaving their pivot-turned-jammer stuck in the pack to fight.

Mulch Mayhem jamming. Photo  ©2015 Christopher Cross - Cripple Bypass

Mulch Mayhem jamming. Photo ©2015 Christopher Cross – Cripple Bypass.

Rose City seemed to prefer the front wall, or at least controlling Crime by keeping them to the back wall, especially when they were down blockers. This hurt Crime City, as Wheels of Justice jammers could quickly push past their wall, pinching them against Rose’s slowing moving quad. When Crime City could slow down and had all 4 blockers on the track, they were able to halt the likes of Licker and Napolean and run them back, but it was usually a pause between scoring passes.

Prince Sofia earned the first of few lead jammer calls for Crime City with 5 minutes left in the half. She was able to push through the pack for 4 points and called it off, keeping Rose from scoring that jam. The next jam resulted in a failed star pass that created a power jam for Rose City, one of four during the first half.

At the break, the Wheels of Justice led 205-9.

Crime City kept to their jammer of rotation of Curly Håår, Hanna P, and Ankefar, only giving them relief by relying on the star pass. Rose anticipated the pass by the second half and worked to separate the pivot from their jammer, or clinging to them after the pass.

About ten minutes into the second half, Crime City put more points on the board when Ankefar got lead jammer while her blockers worked over Napolean Blownapart at the back of the pack. Ankefar seemed determined to add to their score, and continued even though Napolean was also scoring. She pushed it too far however, and ended up in the box with a tip-toe cut on the inside line. As the whistles blew, Napolean came into the pack hard, forcing an opposing blocker to the ground, and moving Crime City to call an official review on her action.

Another small victory for Crime City came as they won their review, putting Napolean in the box with a back block, allowing Crime to pick up another lead status. Curly Håår fought long enough on her initial pass, she was trying to score as Napolean returned, and Häär also pressed on to try and up their score despite Rose matching their points. Totaling at 25, Crime City wasn’t able to put anymore points on the board the rest of the game.

Despite the jammer shut out, their blockers still saw success when they could come together and hang onto Rose City jammers. They revealed a frustrated Mutch whenever they could slow her down and knock her out of bounds, something her future opponents may find interesting.

By the end of the 60 minutes, Rose City won their way to the semi-final round with their 406-25 win against Crime City, sending them to the consolation bracket tomorrow. Rose City will take on #3 seed Rat City in a battle of Western teams tomorrow at 2pm CDT.

“There’s no Sunday, only tomorrow.” – Rob Lobster

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