D2D: #8 Sac City (#56) punishes #9 Brewcity (#60), 229-160.

D2D: #8 Sac City (#56) punishes #9 Brewcity (#60), 229-160. Photo credit Danforth Johnson

DETROIT, MI — The final score does not capture how close the majority of the game between the #8 seed Sac City and the 9th seed Brewcity really was.

After taking a year off from playoff competition to rebuild, Sac City Capitol Punishers returned to end season tournament play with a flexible lineup, and a handful of especially key blockers to maintain order in the pack. Brewcity entered the game hoping to redeem themselves after a disappointing show at last years playoffs where they finished at a lower spot than there initial seed.

Despite an impressive comeback and a long string of lead calls, Brewcity was not able to outlast Sac City, 229-160.

Sac City dominated the first three jams, opening the game with two natural grand slams in the first, followed by another grand slam plus 2 in the second. The next jam was the third lead call for Sac City as Brewcity’s jammer sat for 30 seconds.

But then Brewcity caught a break, as Addy Kontrol was sent to the box, returning the favor to Skully Wheeler, allowing her to pick up the first points for Brewcity. The reverse power jam caused a shift in momentum that Brewcity used to surge forward, holding Sac City scoreless for 5 jams, closing the gap to 2 points, and forcing Sac City to call a time out. Then despite not being lead, Sac City was able to steal 2 points in the next jam, breaking their scoreless drought.

Early on, Purdy Grrrl and Conquistadorable (for Sac City), took control of the pack, often serving as the last line of defense. Both blockers were consistently able to contain the opposing jammer long enough for their team to waterfall or hit them out and draw the jammers back to the rest of their blockers who were waiting at the back of the pack.

A series of jammer penalties against both teams provided plenty of power jam opportunities, but the tough defense of Sac City, even when dealing with a pack disadvantage, was more successful in killing the penalty. Those penalties against Sac City soon outweighed Brewcity’s number of trips to the box, but they were still able to cling on to their lead, despite Brewcity chipping away at it.

However, soon a penalty against Anomie of the State provided Brewcity Bruisers the opportunity to close the gap to a differential of 7. A second power jam in a row in BrewCity’s favor paved the way for a lead change for jammer Jesse Flames, and Brewcity, 74-68. The lead change came after a 9 jam lead streak for Brewcity.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson


In the next jam, Aleithal Weapon lost lead after receiving a penalty, but was still able to put Sac City back into the lead 82-74. Red TornadHo, stepping into the jammer rotation to throw a different style of jamming at Brewcity’s defense,  and picked up the fourth jammer penalty in four straight jams against Sac City. After all this, Sac City still continued to lead by 1.

By that point, Sac City took caution and cleaned up their penalties and rediscovered their rhythm, ending the half with a lead call and ahead 104-81, to the Brewcity Bruisers.

Sac City began the second half with 2 points and three lead calls. But the first lead call for Brewcity went to Stormin’ DeCastle after an impressive 25-0 jam, in part to a power jam in their favor, closing the gap to a mere 3 points. Aleithal Weapon responded for Sac City in the following jam with an even larger 30 points.

After a flood of blocker penalties, that caused the start of the next jam to begin with multiple blockers waiting for their turn in the box and a jammer penalty against Sac City, Brewcity managed to cut their deficit significantly. The second half proved to be penalty heavy for blockers on both sides, including an egregious back block that was the subject of a lengthy official review.

With under 10 minutes remaining, Sac City used their official review, with no other way remaining to stop the clock. Fortunately for the Capitol Punishers, the remaining minutes of the game went decidedly in their favor with a string of lead calls and steadily mounting points.

Near the end of the game, Sac City’s Conquistadorable fouled out—a huge loss for Sac City’s defense. The Capitol Punishers finished the game in control the clock but chose to let it run and add to their total, so that Sac City ultimately won, 229-160.

Photo credit Derby With Recess, aka Keith Bielat

Photo credit Derby With Recess, aka Keith Bielat

Sac City will advance to play Nashville at 6pm EDT. The Brewcity Bruisers will fall into the consolation bracket and face Emerald City on Saturday at 12pm EDT.

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