D2D: #6 Chicago Outfit (#52) upsets #3 Emerald City (#47), 141-121

D2D: #6 Chicago Outfit (#52) upsets #3 Emerald City (#47), 141-121 Chicago Outfit and Emerald City went neck and neck in game 3. Photo by D. Babao Photography.

DETROIT, MI—In the third game of the day, #6 seed Chicago Outfit Syndicate endured 9 lead changes against the #3 Emerald City All-Stars to pull off a 20-point win by playing smart, patient derby when it mattered. While Emerald City earned more lead jammer calls, they cancelled out that advantage with 9 total jammer penalties to Chicago’s 4.

Emerald City came out strong, earning the first 6 lead jam statuses, and pushing their lead to 33-8, making it seem like they had the game in the bag. With all four blockers on the track, they held onto Matza Ball Breaker through a power jam, keeping her to 8 points in the second jam while coming back to earn 4 of their own. Ice Hurt and Lola Blow filled out the rest of their jammer rotation, and over four jams they couldn’t add anymore to the scoreboard.

Emerald City was strong at the front of the pack and backwards blocking. Photo by Derby With Recess.

Emerald City was strong at the front of the pack and backwards blocking. Photo by Derby With Recess.

Despite their pivot line bench, Emerald City kept grabbing the back wall of the jam start, which likely aided in their numerous lead jammer calls. About ten minutes in, Ice Hurt provided Emerald City with their first power jam after she tried to tip-toe by on the inside line. Starting the jam from the box following that, Ice Hurt fought her way out for lead, and continued for 9 points against a distracted Emerald pack. A few jams later, Ice was on her own power jam, but Rex Havoc and Jenesis O’sin continued to recycle on her to kill the penalty.

After Emerald had pushed their lead to 51-23, the Outfit blockers were sure to claim the back line and work their braced 3 wall of defense. Emerald earned yet another lead and four points, so the Outfit sent Shebiscuit to the line to mix things up. A review was called by the Chicago Outfit coach however, and they successfully argued a cut on Pyschotic Rage. They sent Lola Blow back to the track, and she helped take the momentum for Chicago with 8 points.

Over the next four jams they cut the lead down to just 4 points with the help of a few more power jams. When they didn’t earn lead, Chicago got quicker on the star stash or pass, and with capable pivots like Smarty McFly and The Joan Ranger, they were able to get out quickly.

Chicago was held scoreless for the last four jams of the half, giving Emerald the illusion that they had regained control of the game. Taking a break with the score at 80-56, Chicago came back tougher than ever to win the second half, and the game.

Lola picked up the first lead of the second half, as well as 19 points while Kill Ems, Lady K, and Sneer and Loathing worked over Ogden. This instantly brought Outfit back into contention as it became a 5 point game. Holding Emerald scoresless for 3 more jams, Chicago tied it up and then took the lead by Lola, this time with 16 points.

Success for the rest of the half came down to whoever could earn lead. With Chicago Outfit only picking up 4 total penalties in the second half, their defense really locked on with deft runbacks by a penalty-less Kill Ems. 6 of the next 7 jams saw a lead change, as the game stayed fast and low-scoring.

Lola Blow’s high success rate resulted in her playing every other jam for most of the second half, and despite after picking up 10 points before sitting for a high block, she earned 10 points that put Chicago in the lead 120-113 with about 9 minutes left in the game.

Ice Hurt struggled through another power jam, only picking up 5 points, but had #43 Sneer and Loathing on the track to help her out. She first ran back Psychotic Rage and then forced a back block on her when she returned. While the rest of her pack played passive during the power jam, she ran up to fight against the tough blocking on Neel and Miss Kitty La Rue. Psych returned and Sneer was immediately on her. Meanwhile, Ice nearly forgot she was lead, almost took her panty off, and then called it. With 4 minutes left, Chicago lead 125-117.

Small and mighty Lola Blow put up 87 points to help her team win by 20. Photo by Megapickle.

Small and mighty Lola Blow put up 87 points to help her team win by 20. Photo by Megapickle.

The Outfit coach took a timeout to let things cool down a bit, and after a pep talk, walked Lola to the jam line, likely talking her through the final minutes of the game. Wonder Dread managed to pick up lead, but a quick star pass to Smarty McFly helped it end at 0-0. Dread lined up again next to Matza Ball Breaker, and nearly the same thing happened again, with The Joan Ranger taking the star and forcing the call off, and sneaking in 2 points to Dread’s 4.

With 1:13 left on the clock, Chicago took one more timeout, and put Lola back out with a 6 point lead. With the back wall, Kill Ems tries to pull a cut on the jammer, but one of her teammates does instead, giving Lola an easy power jam to finish out the game. She earned lead and continued around, scoring 14 more points and calling the jam, with a 141-121 win for Chicago.

The Outfit moves on to the semi-final round tomorrow at 8pm against Sacred City, while Emerald City enters the consolation bracket for a 12pm game tomorrow against Brewcity.

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