D2D 9th Place: #5 Boulder County (#55) avalanches #9 Brewcity (#60), 232-147

D2D 9th Place: #5 Boulder County (#55) avalanches #9 Brewcity (#60), 232-147 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

DETROIT, MI — Sunday morning began with a tooth and nail game between the #7 seeded Boulder County Bombers, and number #9 seeded Brew City Bruisers. Boulder County ultimately took the win, leaving the tournament at 9th place to Brew City’s 10th, with a score of 232-147.

The first game half saw both packs starting away from the jam line, with either everyone up at the pivot line, or Boulder County up in front, and Brewcity starting a few feet behind. Because jammers did not have to start right up on the pack, they were able to get a running head start and hit packs hard and fast. This left Boulder in charge of the game point additions, working emphatically to their advantage.

In the first jam of this morning’s game, Feist E. One took lead, while Boulder County’s strong defense emphatically recycled Stormin’ Da Castle. Feist made it through the pack on two scoring passes before Brewcity’s jammer finally made it out for her initial pass, leaving first jam score at 16-4, Boulder County.

The second jam started off with both teams of blockers right up on the pivot line, that we’ve seen used a few times this tournament. Smashalotapus almost made it out of the pack, but was knocked to the inside line by the last blocker. The hit turned out to be illegal, though, so Smash was able to enter the track, without any barriers from escaping the pack. Meanwhile, Skittle received a track cut on her initial pass, making this the first power jam of the game, and giving Boulder the chance to set up a lead they intended to keep, with 12 unreplied points added to the score.

Jam three got off to a slow start, as an Official Time Out resulted in a power jam for Brewcity, as Smashalotapus was confirmed to have gotten a track cut in the previous jam. Skully Wheeler took the powerjam start for Brewcity, quickly making it out of the pack thanks to great offensive assists, and took 14-0. 

The rest of the period saw jam lead control in Boulder County’s hands, with occasional double digit additions for punctuation.

By the last jam of the first period, we saw the first of many panty passes for Brewcity to Stykher. While Feist E. One made it out of the pack quickly, Skully Wheeler had some trouble, choosing to pass the helmet cover to Strykher. When Feist E. One tried to call off the jam, in hopes that it would prevent Brew City from scoring, and received a forearm penalty instead, Strykher then determinedly added points to close the period.

Though both teams had a similar amount of jammer penalties for the first half, they did seem to effect Brew City’s score far more, leaving the half at 135-46 in favor of Boulder County.

Photo credit Derby With Recess

Photo credit Derby With Recess

The first jam of the second half  started off what seemed like a very different game. Stormin’ DaCastle had a hard time making it through the pack at first, as Muscle Leani pushed her out and recycled back. That didn’t stop her though, as soon after she grabbed four points before Feist E. One was able to score for Boulder.

In the second half, Brew City outscored Boulder County, with less jammer trips to the penalty box, and a few clusters of three or four jams, where they left Boulder County unable to score points. We also saw a few further jammer panty passes to Strykher, who became the team’s highest scoring jammer, with 29 points put on the board. She came in second to Stormin’ DaCastle, who put up a total of 59 points (still a long way behind Boulder’s second scorer, Feist with 88). Both teams continued to start closer to the pivot line, which gave jammers a faster start up to the pack.

In what seemed like it might be the last jam of the game, Smashalotapus was pushed quickly to the inside and recycled back, while Skittle made it out of the pack with lead. Skittle was able to make it through on one single scoring pass, calling off the jam as Smashalotapus escaped Brew City’s pack.

But then Brewcity called a last second time out, to extend the clock. Both jammers put up a fight with the slow, solid packs of each opposing team, and while Stormin’ DaCastle almost escaped with lead jammer status, she was sent to the penalty box for a low block leaving it to Feist. When Stormin’ DaCastle entered the pack for an initial pass, Feist E. grabbed four more points, and then called off the jam, ending the game.

Brew City outscored Boulder County by a solid 11 points in the second half, but Boulder County’s large lead from the first half gave them enough of an advantage to easily absorb the difference, resulting in a score of 232-147.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Although an emphatic win for the team, Boulder County leaves the tournament with a 9th place result, four down from their 5th position seeding. While Brewcity comes out only one place below their 9th position seeding, at 10th place.


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