D2D: #4 Naptown (#48) Terrorizes #5 Wasatch (#51), 184-131

D2D: #4 Naptown (#48) Terrorizes #5 Wasatch (#51), 184-131 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

DETROIT, MI—#4 Naptown (#48) and #5 Wasatch (#51) traded scoring runs in the first half, but when the Naptown Tornado Sirens picked up all but 7 leads in the second half, they came storming back for a 53-point win. The Midnight Terror brought it within 2 points in the first half, but 11 overall jammer penalties kept their scoring opportunities limited and the game slipped away from them, 184-131.

Both teams started out with a 3-jammer rotation, and after each team traded 4 points, but in the 3rd jam, Ole Chole from Wasatch got stuck in the pack and picked up a track cut. With the power jam, Scorpiopathic made four grand slam passes while her blockers picked apart the Wasatch pack. Maiden America added 4 more with a tornado spin move in the next jam which put the score at 28-4, 5 minutes in.

Wasatch picked up the momentum there though with the next handful of lead calls, chipping away at Naptown’s lead. The pack started to scramble and speed up, allowing room for Sookie Slaphouse and Wreckless to quick step through the loosened walls. Ole Chole picked up their 5th straight lead with the help of a power jam when Cherry-oto-Fire took a seat in the box. This was a wakeup call for Naptown and they finally started to slow down and regain control of the pack.

Ole Chole tried to star pass to Skull Candi, but the referees indicated she was still a blocker, because Ole picked up a cut. With the power start, Naptown lined up as a four wall, and when the whistle blew they all copressed to lane 1, and after Scorpiopathic hit the pack, they ran up to attack, instantly giving her lead.  After a grand slam, she called it off with Ole standing to prolong the advantage.

With 15 minutes gone, Naptown led 49-21, seemingly starting to take off with the score. A few jams later however, Wasatch put Stache Bot on the line who with the help of a power jam added 17 points, making it 59-42. Wasatch seemed to do well as things sped up again, and Naptown jammers couldn’t manage to stay in bounds.

When Cherry picked up a high block, Ole Chole added her 19-point jam, bringing the game within 2 points at 7 minutes left in the half. Naptown took a timeout, which seemed to work out as they picked up the next 5 lead calls and adding 10 points. Points were thinning out, and defense was slowing down, and at the half Naptown lead 81-69.

As seen at Besterns, Skull Candi has been a major jammer for Wasatch in the past, but in this game she donned the pivot cap instead and became an agile blocking force. With so many quick jams this bout was amazaingly 52 jams long, and Bruiser Ego and T. Rupp put in work in 31 of them.

For Naptown, Dora the Destroyer was often seen at the front catching jammers at the last second or going blow for blow while backwards blocking. Since Ole picked up 4 jammer penalties in the first half, Wasatch started putting Stache in, especially after her monster jam. She couldn’t duplicate the success however, something Asian Sinsation and Shiva Diva made sure of.

Stache Bot scored 36 of her 41 points over 2 jams. Photo by Derby With Recess.

Stache Bot scored 36 of her 41 points over 2 jams. Photo by Derby With Recess.

Naptown pulled away, holding Wasatch scoreless for 12 straight jams, with the exception of one jam. Wasatch seemed particularly on point in a 3 on 3 pack, when they held Cherry for 3 grand slams by Sookie Slaphouse, forcing her to pass the star. Wasatch couldn’t hang onto this defensive force or their jammer penalties, and the spread continued to grow. Ole was particularly affected, and she fouled out with 20 minutes left in the second half. Wreckless stopped jamming too, which meant Sookie and Stache went jam for jam, with the occasional relief.

Stache Bot pulled off one more big jam in the final minutes of the game, and with the addition of 19 points, the game ended 2 jams later. Naptown took the last game of Friday 184-131, allowing them to move onto semi-finals.

Wasatch will play at 10am (EDT) on Saturday against Boulder County. Naptown moves on to play Nashville at 2pm (EDT).

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