D2D: #3 Emerald City (#47) Bruises #9 Brewcity (#60), 279-151

D2D: #3 Emerald City (#47) Bruises #9 Brewcity (#60), 279-151 Photo by Danforth Johnson. facebook.com/danforth.johnson

DETROIT,MI—Yesterday #9 Brewcity took on #8 Sac City in what started as a close game, and then Sac City pulled away in the second half to beat them by 69 points. Today, #3 Emerald suffered penalty problems in the first half, allowing Brewcity to take the lead for about a quarter of the game, but Emerald City came together to finish on top by 128 points. In the end, Emerald’s strong defense is what saved their game, and Brewcity’s inconsistencies knocked them into the 9th place game for tomorrow with a score of 279-151.

The #9 Brewcity Bruisers always seem to be changing up their roster throughout the year, but coming to playoffs, they were forced into a few changes with some injuries and Kayci “Scooter” Gallion transferring to Des Moines United. Skully Wheeler and Jessie Flames are newer to the charter, and were relied upon to jam this weekend. In yesterday’s game, Skully struggled a bit and was only able to put up 24 points, while Jessie couldn’t add any.

Against Emerald City, Brewcity started with Stormin’ DaCastle who scored an even 100 points yesterday, but it was Ogden who scored first for Emerald with the first lead and 4 points. Skully followed up with what resulted in her biggest jam of the game at 23 points while Wonder Dread sat down with a track cut. With only one Emerald blocker on the track, Skully brought Brewcity into the lead in the second jam, 23-12.

Photo by Megapickle.

Photo by Megapickle.

With 9 jammer penalties yesterday, Emerald City couldn’t clean up their habits at the start of this game, and gave the Bruisers 2 more power jams. Brewcity alternated between hanging back and attacking to help their jammers get out, and a nice offensive sweep by Irish Vixen, who didn’t play yesterday, helped Jessie Flames pick up 13 points. While Brewcity pulled into a 30-point lead, Emerald City called a timeout to regroup.

Emerald City began to pick up some of the momentum again, as they kept their blockers on the track and earned 4 straight lead calls. While struggling in the pack, Skully passed the star to Skittle, who has been a regular jammer in the past, and she zipped around the track and jumped the apex for 5 quick points. With 17 minutes on the clock, Brewcity still held the lead at 54-43.

Emerald City did really well when they held the back line at the start, and were virtually immovable when they had all four on the floor. Brewcity’s blockers seemed to do well grabbing jammers at the last second, but needed a bit more cohesion. They were able to force Psychotic Rage on a cut however, and Jessie Flames passed the star to Reina Pain to try and score more points. A distracted Bruiser pack didn’t see Psychotic return, and the jam ended in Emerald’s favor closing the gap to just a 5-point lead for Brewcity.

New this game for Emerald City was Swoff, who took Spunkee Bruizer’s relief jamming spot from yesterday, and in a power jam she first tied and then pushed them into the lead, 79-71 with 11 minutes in the half.

Emerald continued their upward trajectory for the rest of the half, forcing Brewcity jammers into star passes in order to end the jam. Penalties seemed to be getting handed out to everyone, with people coming and going from the box at all times. Each side got a few more power jams, and by the half Emerald City led 129-84.

With Brewcity's penalties and lack of lead status, they used star passes to stop the bleeding. Photo by D. Babao Photography.

With Brewcity’s penalties and lack of lead status, they used star passes to try and stop the bleeding. Photo by D. Babao Photography.

Emerald City came back strong at the start of the second half, and over 12 jams they only allowed Brewcity to put up 4 points while they upped their lead to 174-88. With the likes of Jenesis O’sin, Coop, and The StrangHer, Emerald’s walls held on strong, and their jammers controlled the game with lead jammer status.

Later in the half, Dread had two different 25-point jams that helped her achieve the highest scoring total for Emerald at 120 points, Psychotic Rage was also successful with 82 points. Despite more penalties, Emerald’s rotating defensive formations did a better job at containing jammers, while Brewcity’s individual play hurt them when they had blockers off the track. Latina Heat was an example of Brewcity’s versatility however, whether her short stature was folding jammers over as she knocked them out, or jamming through the pack when she received the star.

Skully Wheeler added 19 more points to Brewcity’s total late in the game, followed by 4 from Stormin’ DaCastle, but it was too little too late as Emerald City ended the game with the win, 279-151. They move forward in the consolation bracket to play #10 Bear City at 6pm (EDT), and Brewcity will play first thing tomorrow for 9th against Boudler County.

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