D2D: #2 Sacred City (#44) Sacrifices #10 Bear City (#61), 203-192

D2D: #2 Sacred City (#44) Sacrifices #10 Bear City (#61), 203-192 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

DETROIT, MI— The #2 seed, Sacred City Sacrificers (#44) played against the 10th seed Bear City (#61) in what was almost an upset. Sacred City established their dominance over Bear City in the first 3 jams of the game, but Berlin responded swiftly and pulled ahead. From there, the game went back and forth with the momentum swinging in either direction as jammer penalties and streaks of blocker penalties punctuated the game. The game ran down to the wire, with an official review to stop the clock with 1 second remaining. Sacred City was able to take control when it counted, winning 203-192.

Master Blaster received a back block in the first jam, which let Sacred end the first jam with a lead of 17-0 that they continued to build on throughout the second and third jam. In the fourth jam, Master Blaster was able to pick up the first lead and 4 points with her signature long-legged apex jump. Mia Missile, for Bear City, continued what Master Blaster started with 2 more points.

Emmazon of Bear City collected 2 penalties with under 5 minutes spent in the first half, which signified a problem for Bear City as she fouled out in their first game. After 7 lead calls in a row however, Bear City took the lead. Master Blaster took advantage of a power jam to take it and extend Berlin’s lead 40-24.

Master Blaster was very successful, particularly when matched against Pink Freud. She busted apart Sacred’s braced defense when she was able to drive her shoulder in between blockers. Bear City’s defense troubled Sacred City for the second quarter of the half with their rotating power quad that swallowed Sacred’s jammers. Sacred adjusted their defense to combat Master Blaster’s powerful shoulder, rotating their braced wall to hide legal target zones—successfully drawing multiple back block penalties.

Ariel-LA-Twister collected a grand slam, but then received a penalty for blocking with the head. Sacred City nickel and dimed their way to tie things up, and then Ariel-LA-Twister put Sacred in the lead, but also received her second blocking with the head penalty, ending the jam 80-71. Bear City bled blockers to the box, including a fifth penalty assessed to Emmazon, clearing the way for Sacred City to extend their lead. Bear City called a team time out just prior to a power start for Sacred City. The Sacrificers finish the half with five straight lead calls, ahead of Bear City, 131-75.

Master Blaster, was quickly out for lead to start the second half, with The 4Closer trailing close behind. In her first time back on the track, Ariel-LA-Twister picked up her third blocking with the head penalty and Bear City began to slowly cut the lead.

Emmazon collected her sixth penalty with just under 20 minutes to go in the game. In the last quarter of the game, Sacred City’s defense began to loosen, and unfold from the braced formation into a flat wall—a change that played into Berlin’s favor. The change in the Sacrificers formation coupled with mounting jammer penalties against them created opportunity for Bear City to cut their deficit to 14 points with 6 minutes left in the game. With just under 6 minutes, the jam was called for injury after a big collision between Master Blaster and Neil and Weep, resulting in an official review call by Sacred City but no penalty was assessed.

Photo by D. Babao Photography.

Photo by D. Babao Photography.

Another cut was called against The 4Closer, but then Mia Missile landed an apex jump for 4 points while then sliding out and receiving a low block, negating Berlin’s advantage. A few minutes later, The 4Closer was assessed a back block, leaving Master Blaster with lead on a power jam. With :01 left in the game, the score stood at 203-192 and Bear City called an official review to extend the game by one jam.  Emmazon picked up her final foul in the second to last jam, leaving only 2 blockers on the track. In the final jam, Ariel-LA-Twister faced off against Master Blaster. With a pack advantage, Ariel-LA-Twister escaped the pack just before Master Blaster and called the jam, ending the game in Sacred’s favor: 203-192.

Sacred City Sacrificers will play the Chicago Outfit tomorrow at 8pm EDT. Bear City will play at 6pm EDT against the loser of Game 8 between Brewcity Bruisers and Emerald City.

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