D2D: #2 Sacred City (#44) sacks #6 Chicago Outfit (#52) , 209-159

D2D: #2 Sacred City (#44) sacks #6 Chicago Outfit (#52) , 209-159 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

DETROIT, MI — The match-up of the #2 seed against the #6 seed for the tournament ended up exactly where those seedings might give you reason to expect – with #2, Sacred bringing home the win over Chicago Outfit by a solid 50 points, 209-159. But given the teams had never met, and the fact that Flat Track Stats had a close, but clear, lead in their predictions for Outfit to win, the game might have gone in either direction.

Certainly, as many games in this tournament have begun, Outfit started the game strong, taking all but two of the first leads in the initial 7 jams for the game, and holding Sacred to two conservative 3 point additions in those exceptions. Three jammer penalties in that time certainly didn’t help Sacred’s cause.

But it wasn’t to last, as Sacred started closing up the gap in the 8th jam, via their second highest scorer for the game, Pink Freud (87 game points), jumping on the powerjam that Matza Ball Breaker gifted them with a cut track penalty.

That was swiftly followed in the next jam by a lead jammer grab by highest scorer of the game, Ariel-LA-Twister, who gathered a respectable 94 points across the course of the game for Sacred. Her 14-point addition in the 9th jam handed Sacred their second unreplied double digit score in as many jams, and gave us a teetering tied score, 32-32. This was part of a 5 jam score run for Sacred and by the 12th jam, when Matza successfully star passed out of another track cut penalty, and Outfit finally replied with a 10 point addition to Ariel’s 20. The damage had been firmly done however, with score at 84-46 in Sacred’s court.

The next jams quietly kept the game in Sacred’s favor, and even a points battle win for Outfit, with 18 points by Ice Hurt to 12 points for Pink Freud, couldn’t dissuade Sacred from claiming their game. By the half-time, 124-72 left losing team Outfit with plenty to discuss in the break.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Unfortunately for Outfit, their first period learnings weren’t going to take them into a game lead. Sacred held lead jammer percentages for the remainder of the game and while Outfit kept up the points additions for every jam lead they held, save one, Sacred also held the game lead right through the rest of the game.

At jam 17 of period 2, and into the final game minutes, Sacred held their largest differential of the game, 192-112. It was at that jam, with 4 players lost to the box, that Outfit seemed to abruptly see that some game changes needed to be made. Next jam in, Ice Hurt returned from the box to take a determined 20 points, even with a penalty punctuation – a feat that Sacred’s 4Closer couldn’t match after her own penalty, as Outfit’s blockers kept her to just 4 points. 

When Lola Blow stepped onto the track in the very next jam, grabbing lead for Outfit and 26 unanswered points from a boxed 4Closer, it suddenly seemed like there might yet be a chance for Outfit. With the game now at a far closer 197-158 in Sacred’s favor, a couple more jams like that seemed like Chicago might be within reach.

But it wasn’t to be. In the final four jams of the game Sacred held Outfit to only one single further point addition, and then took jam lead on the final jam to bring the game home for the #2 seed to anticipate fighting for the 1st place, 209-159.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Sacred City will play for first place against #1 seed Nashville at 6pm (EDT), while Chicago Outfit has a chance at 3rd against Naptown, the game prior at 4pm (EDT).

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