D2D: #10 Bear City (#61) Rocks #7 Boulder County (#55), 237-172

D2D: #10 Bear City (#61) Rocks #7 Boulder County (#55), 237-172 Photo by D. Babao Photography - facebook.com/dbabaophotography

DETROIT, MI –  In this first game of the D2 playoffs, taking place just outside Detroit, Michigan, the #55 WFTDA ranked Boulder County Bombers took on #61-ranked Bear City for a spot to play next against Sacred City at 4pm (EDT).

Total penalties split evenly between the two teams at 46 each, but they seemed to take their toll on Boulder County a bit more. With a strong lead at the half, Bear City hung on even through a foul out and an expulsion to take the win, 237-172.

Photo by Megapickle.

Photo by Megapickle.

Mia Missile, for Bear City, and Boulder County’s Feist. E. One both donned the star in the first jam. After having some trouble with Boulder County’s defense, Mia Missile ended up squeezing by on the outside line to take lead. Feist E. One almost made it by Bear City’s defensive front wall, but ended up being sent to the penalty box. After one grand slam, Missile almost called off the jam, but decided to go at it again, and made it through two more scoring passes before calling it off as Feist E. One came back from the box.

Jammer penalties continued for the Bombers when Master Blaster and Smashalotapus took the line in the second jam. Both teams lined up with intimidating walls, but Master Blaster pushed through after just a couple of seconds. Smashalotapus was then sent to the box on a forearm penalty on her initial pass, allowing Master Blaster to speed by on three scoring passes before calling off the jam, making it 35-0.

By jam three, Boulder switched strategy a little bit by starting off their wall at the pivot line with a strong three wall. While Bear City’s wall ended up holding back Donner Doro for a good 40 seconds, as Deputease got sent out on a track cut. Donner Doro was able to squeeze by with five unreplied points before calling off the jam.

Boulder County still had not put any points on the board until the fifth jam, when they were able to hold Bear City scoreless for three jams, due to Bear City’s own jammer penalties. That run closed the gap, so that with about 15 minutes left in the half, Boulder County took a one point lead with the score at 51-50.

Photo by Megapickle.

Photo by Megapickle.

Master Blaster quickly erased that effort with a 19-point jam, but after a baseball slide through the inside line, she took a seat in the box with a cut track penalty. For the rest of the half, though, Boulder County struggled with picking up lead status and thus scoring, and only put up 4 more points while Bear City nearly doubled their score.

This surge by Berlin in the second quarter is what ultimately buried Boulder County, so that at the half they were down, 126-70.

Last season, Bear City played through tournament season with just a 10-skater roster, but in their first game in Detroit actually had 13 sitting on the bench. Having Mia Missile with them this time, the team had a 3-jammer rotation of her, Master Blaster, and Donner Doro. Master Blaster still picked up 128 points, which impressively nearly doubled the next highest scorer for their team, Mia at 69 points.

With less than 10 minutes left in the game, Master Blaster left the game on an egregious forearm expulsion, and the momentum seemed to switch back to Boulder County again. Scoring seemed to slow down overall, but Bear City was still adding to their total with Ouch Capone in the jammer rotation as well.

With minutes left on the clock, Smashalotapus put up a 26 point jam while CatastroPhoebe, Sauce, and Socks 2BU clung to Donner Doro. This made Smash the top scorer for Boulder County at a total of 76 but it wasn’t enough to overcome their deficit, ultimately losing to Bear City, 237-172.


Bear City will play again today at 4pm (EDT) against #2 seed Sacred City, while Boulder County gets to rest until their 10am (EDT) game tomorrow.

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