D2D: #1 Nashville (#43) turns down #8 Sac City (#56), 221 to 151

D2D: #1 Nashville (#43) turns down #8 Sac City (#56), 221 to 151 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

DETROIT, MI — Number 1 seed Nashville’s Music City All Stars emerged into their first game of the playoff weekend with a strong start over number 8 seed Sac City. And despite a lead switch in the first half, the music city returned the score in their favor before putting up a strong second half that took them into the win, 221-151.

Nashville put up 24 points on the board in the first six jams, holding Sac City scoreless. This was no doubt accomplished as Nashville showed very strong, controlled packs early on, accompanied by strong jamming power, especially by Chelsea Dagger. In jam 7, Sac City’s Addy Kontrol obtained lead for the first time for Sac City, and added 15 points in a single jam to bring the score to a much more even 24-15.

Gaining some momentum from their initial scoring jam, Sac City really began to find their groove. Sac City’s walls in this following earlier part of the first half were seemingly impenetrable to Nashville, allowing them to gain some ground on the Music City All Stars.

Blue Crush was a particularly strong jammer for Sac City in this game, along with Aleithal Weapon. Nashville began to experience some penalty issues, and Sac City responded by racking up points during a few continuing power jam situations. Nashville’s packs were quite spread out, allowing Sac City to overtake Nashville with a score of 37 to 29 by jam 9.

Sac City maintained lead over Nashville for much of the first half, while Nashville struggled to maintain a full pack. Then by jam 14, Sac City had taken their lead to 71 to 36, with Anomie of the State showcasing some solid jamming.

Nashville took a much needed time out at this point, and immediately got back the lead for the first time in several game minutes. Nashville, at full strength, solidified their defense and were able to quickly stack up points against Sac City. By jam 19, Nashville had carefully reclaimed lead over Sac City, 91 to 79. They then put up 8 further points over the rest of the half to Sac City’s 9 additional points, leaving the score 99 to 88 at the break.

Photo credit Derby With Recess

Photo credit Derby With Recess

Nashville’s game play was consistently strong and smart in the second half. They entered the second game half looking strong defensively, but a quick trip to the penalty box by Chelsea Dagger allowed Sac City to close the point gap, the first jam ending 99 to 98, Nashville barely clutching the lead.

In the next jam, Lady Fury got lead for Nashville and also went to the box. This gave Sac City the opportunity to overtake Nashville, but they were unable to take advantage of the power jam situation. By the time Lady Fury came out of the box, she quickly got through the pack, leaving Nashville in the lead 117 to 107.

Strong jamming by Nashville, particularly from Chelsea Dagger allowed them to maintain a small, but consistent lead over Sac City. By jam 7, Nashville was in the lead 145 to 112.

After this point, Nashville continued increasing their lead over Sac City. While Sac City’s defense was still strong, they were ultimately unable to overcome the Music City All Stars. This strong game play continued for Nashville, with phenomenal blocking and pointed jamming by the Music City All Stars.

By the final 15 minutes left in play, Nashville took advantage of a grand slam and increased their now wide lead, 172 to 113. While Sac City put up a great fight, Nashville held Sac City to only 16 points for several jams. By only 3:45 left to play, Sac City lost a skater to a foul out, and the score stood at a wide margin of 216 to 128, Nashville in the lead.

Sac City made a final surge near the end, scoring a few more points and holding Nashville to only 5, but they were unable to overtake the number one seed. The final score was 221 to 151, in Nashville’s favor.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Nashville will play the winner of the Naptown vs Wasatch game tomorrow at 2 pm EST, while Sac City plays the Winner of the first game of the day, game 7, at 4pm EST.

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