D2C: #10 Brandywine (#62) addles #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 216-157

D2C: #10 Brandywine (#62) addles #4 Treasure Valley (#49), 216-157 Photo by Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND,OH – Saturday morning’s first bout saw Brandywine revisit the track to take on Treasure Valley after last night’s 9-point loss to St. Chux. What started as another closely matched contest ramped up into a widening lead for Brandywine after a very physical and penalty-heavy second half, sealing their victory, 216-157, and opening up the chance for the #10 seed to depart this tournament with a potential 5th or 6th place finish.

From the start, both teams put up a hard fight, seeing multiple instances where it took 30 seconds before a lead jammer was called. Endurance against tight walls and quick transitions from defense to offense proved key for Brandywine as they gradually chipped away at Treasure Valley, ending the first half in their favor at 98-88. We saw the signs of penalty troubles to come for both teams early on in the game, which would eventually prove to be more damaging for Treasure Valley in the second half.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson


Six skaters fouled out of the bout, four from Treasure Valley (Aralia Spine, Sinister Kate, Scarlet Danger, and Ana Highway To Hell). The loss of a good portion of their blockers on the roster certainly contributed to their challenges as Brandywine continued to open up a larger lead throughout the second half. The game’s top scorer, Brandywine’s Buenos D. A$$, claimed 82 points for her team, over a third of the total points propelling them to a finish over their opponents. Treasure Valley’s top scorer, Demolition Barbie, answered with a total 42 points by comparison.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Treasure Valley struggled to keep up their momentum in the second half, scoring 69 points in those jams vs. Brandywine’s 118 second half total. Though Brandywine also lost two skaters to penalties in the game, they managed to press forward and clench a more than respectable finish at an official 205-196.

With both one loss and win behind them so far in Cleveland, Brandywine advances to play again this afternoon at 4pm EST. Be sure to tune in to see how Brandywine fares against #52-ranked Oklahoma Victory Dolls. Regardless of the outcome, with this morning’s victory Brandywine will see a guaranteed increase in their overall ranking as a result of their performance thus far.

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