D2C: #7 St. Chux (#54) outlasts #10 Brandywine (#62), 205-196

D2C: #7 St. Chux (#54) outlasts #10 Brandywine (#62), 205-196 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND, OH — The launch of the WFTDA post-season got off to a flying start Friday morning and a topsy-turvy battle in the opening Division 2 quarterfinal qualifier saw #7 St. Chux outlast #10 Brandywine 205-196.

With the nine-point win, St. Chux enters the quarterfinal bracket later today to face second-seeded Kansas City at 4pm EDT.

Jammer penalties became the fundamental narrative of this contest as both squads ping-ponged leads throughout the first period. Trailing 26-22 ten minutes deep, a Brandywine jammer track cut resulted in a 16-point power jam for SCDC’s Jedi Knight-N-Gale and flipped the scoreboard to their favor, 38-36.

The scores continued to trade off across the half, when Brandywine regained the lead on the next rotation and pushed the score to 58-41 following Skinny Guinea’s 14-pointer with 15:05 left in the first period. Then, St. Chux countered with a 23-point power jam scored by Psychokid D Freakout, and Brandywine chipped away at the margin and trailed by a solo point, 72-71, with eight minutes remaining before regaining the lead with Raggedy Aneurysm’s four point tally a minute later.

That jam, alongside three ensuing St. Chux jammer penalties, sparked a 40-0 Brandywine rally that encompassed the next five minutes. Aneurysm collected a 14-point power jam with only three minutes in the period, but then Lurz Lemon tacked a 19-point power strike on the period’s penultimate jam that finished the Belligerents’ scoring run as their lead blossomed to 111-72.

SCDC’s Freakout posted 14 on the period’s final jam and the seventh-seeded team trailed 111-86 at intermission.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson.

Knight-N-Gale began the second half with a solid 14-point power jam that whittled Brandywine’s advantage to a much slimmer 11 point lead. But then the Belligerents managed to maintain the double-digit margin and held a baker’s dozen lead, 135-122 as they came to the close of the third game quarter.

Freakout took control and posted a nine-point power jam for St. Chux in the next jam that narrowed the game differential to single digits, 135-131. But then Brandywine surged ahead with stubborn defense and pushed its lead further to 163-145, with the help of Buenas D. A$$’.

Seeing how so many momentum shifts, caused by jammer penalties, had altered the complexion of the game at that point, one had a feeling that a late miscue could potentially determine the outcome. Such was the case as a Belligerent jammer went to the box on a track cut. A 28-point power jam from SCDC’s Knight-N-Gale ensued and St. Chux regained the lead, 173-163, only 5 minutes left in the game.

A push of points over the next three jam rotations kept the margin at ten, heading into the very final jam. Brandywine’s Aneurysm grabbed lead as the period clock expired but St. Chux’s Knight-N-Gale also broke through the pack. Both teams traded points for the two-minute rotation and when the dust settled, a 21-20 jam that favored Brandywine could not close the gap.

St. Chux ultimately outscored Brandywine in the second period, with 119 points to Brandywine’s 85, to pick up the 205-196 quarterfinal qualifying win. The Pack-In-Black certainly capitalized on a 7-1 advantage in jammer penalties in the second period, and as for the jammers, highest scorer Knight-N-Gale finished the game with 117 points, followed distantly by Freakout’s 55 point additions.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Brandywine, paced by Aneurysm’s 72 points, drops to the consolation bracket and meets the loser of Friday night’s Treasure Valley vs. Demolition City quarterfinal game on Saturday at 10 am EDT.

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