D2C: #7 St. Chux (#54) advances past #8 Jet City (#57), 206-135

D2C: #7 St. Chux (#54) advances past #8 Jet City (#57), 206-135 Photo by Danforth Johnson.

When a team gets bounced into the consolation bracket on Friday in the ten-team WFTDA tournament structure, the highest finish it can achieve at playoff’s end is fifth place.

#7 St. Chux (#54) rebounded from Friday’s quarterfinal setback to Kansas City with a 206-135 victory over #8 Jet City (#57) Saturday afternoon to take one stride closer to its end goal.

SCDC launched the game with a 21-8 power jam paced by Jedi Knight-N-Gale, who is setting up to be the highest scorer of the tournament. Then Jet City posted three on the next rotation, and the Pack In Black’s Conner collected eight points five minutes deep into the game to push the score to 29-11.

Jet City responded with ten straight as Eva Derci collected six in jam four and Woah Nellie! added four with 21:40 left to narrow SCDC’s lead to 29-21.

St. Chux started a run however, as they kept the Bombers to just 7 points over 6 jams and St. Chux pushed their lead to twenty following Sugar Shock’s two-pointer. St. Chux kept a very clean first half which helped make the score 48-28 with under 15 minutes left in the period.

Penalties weighed on Jet City however, and a pair of power jams yielded 11 and 7 points, respectively, for Conner and Knight-N-Gale and Psychokid D Freakout finished the stretch run with a four-point pass that pushed SCDC’s lead to 70-37 with 7:10 left in the half.

Jet City rebounded with a 10-point power jam from Ivana Hercha on the next rotation to narrow the gap to 70-47 at the 5:10 mark. Points were traded as the first period finished as St. Chux sported an 80-58 lead at intermission. St. Chux went to the locker room with only 9 penalties, with 2 for their jammers.

The score swelled to 89-69 after the second period’s first three rotations and then St. Chux posted a 36-4 run on the next two jams to widen the distance. A 10-4 strike from Knight-N-Gale was followed by Freakout’s 26-point tally with 23:45 left in the game that blossomed SCDC’s advantage to 125-73.

Watching the game, the score gap wasn’t immediately obvious, as Jet City was just as obsessed with run backs as St. Chux was, and their swarming offense often helped their jammers escape. St. Chux stayed defense focused, letting their jammers work alone in the pack.

Pack In Black’s front walls, paced by Pixie Dust-Ruction, Tara Eyes, Zombie F-bomb, and Whip L’Ash, kept the opponents with mid-period domination. Whip L’Ash was tallying penalties again this game, but did not end up fouling out as she did in their previous two games. With their stellar pack work, SCDC’s blocking caused 6 Jet City jammer penalties in the second half that yielded 77 points.

St. Chux continued to extend the score to 171-90 following Knight-N-Gale’s 23-point power jam with 12:05 remaining. Jet City made a late-game surge to narrow the differential however, and a 24-point power jam from Derci with 7:17 left narrowed the score to 181-120.

Concluding with a 17-8 power jam by Freakout, St. Chux outscored Jet City 126-77 in the second period to notch the 206-135 victory, making their record 2-1 so far for the weekend.

Knight-N-Gale scored 97 points for St. Chux, followed by Freakout’s 55. The Bombers were topped by Derci’s 49 points, followed by 36 by Nellie!

With the 71-point win, St. Chux advances to the playoff’s fifth-place game and has a rematch with #10 Brandywine (#62) set for Sunday at 2pm (EDT). On Friday, SCDC topped the Belligerents by nine points in a quarterfinal qualifier. As a result of their respective appearances in that contest, both leagues will finish this weekend higher than their seeds. Meanwhile, Jet City meets #9 Oklahoma Victory (#58) for seventh place at Noon, which is also a re-match for them this weekend.

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