D2C 5th Place: #7 St. Chux (#54) plucks #10 Brandywine (#62), 216-215

D2C 5th Place: #7 St. Chux (#54) plucks #10 Brandywine (#62), 216-215 Photo credit Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND, OH — Prior to the weekend, #7 St. Chux (#54) and #10 Brandywine (#62) had never played each other historically. Following SCDC’s 216-215 come-from-behind victory in the playoff’s fifth place game, and the pair’s second meeting during the tourney that was decided by single-digits, one can only look forward to a continuation of the newfound rivalry next season.

Both teams trended up during the tourney and finished higher their seeded entry – #7 St Chux finishing at 5th place, and Brandywine ultimately claiming 6th. The Belligerents, however, were clearly seeking revenge following their nine-point setback to SCDC in Friday’s quarter-final qualifier.

An early BRG sprint launched the Sunday afternoon re-match. Following Buenos D. A$$’ game-opening three-point strike, last game’s highest scorer Lurz Lemon’s 14-pointer at the 27:15 mark gave Brandywine an unreplied 17 point edge.

Conner got St. Chux on the scoreboard with a grand slam in jam three, but Brandywine’s Slamshine Allie answered next with four, to make the score 21-5. The next two scoring rotations mimicked the prior two’s alternating points grabs, as Psychokid D Freakout helped St. Chux grab five and then Lemon notched four for Brandywine.

The margin remained clear following a 17-17 stalemate in jam seven. SCDC jammer Jedi Knight-N-Gale got lead but was then subsequently whistled for a track cut which allowed BRG’s Raggedy Aneurysm to match points on the rotation. 

St. Chux then went on 45-9 run and built an advantage over the next eight minutes. Then finally, at 19:25, SCDC tied the score 42-42 with Freakout’s 15-point power jam. Conner then added five in jam nine and Knight-N-Gale tacked on a further four to push the Pack In Black’s lead to 51-42.

A 13-5 non-lead power jam from Freakout extended the score to 64-47 with 14:55 left in the half. Back-to-back pointers from Sugar Shock and Knight-N-Gale concluded the rally and SCDC sported a 72-51 lead with 13:00 remaining in the period.

After Brandywine’s A$$ posted four in jam 14 to slice into the deficit, another BRG jammer penalty resulted in another St. Chux non-lead power jam. Conner posted a 23-8 strike and SCDC’s lead swelled to 95-63 with 9:15 left in the half.

Brandywine clawed its way solidly back into contention over the next seven minutes and tied the game 102-102 following Slamshine Allie’s 15-point jam with 2:30 left in the period. The Belligerents regained the lead, 105-102, following A$$’ three-pointer in the half’s penultimate jam.

In the period’s final jam, Brandywine’s Lemon gained lead and scored a dozen points but the surge was soured with a pair of back block penalties. As a result, SCDC’s Conner was able to collect ten. The 12-10 final jam that favored Brandywine gave the Belligerents a slim 117-112 lead at intermission.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson


Much like Friday’s showdown, the first half saw SCDC take advantage of jammer penalties as Brandywine committed seven while St. Chux only had one.

SCDC evened the contest with the first jam of the second period as Knight-N-Gale’s five-pointer resulted in the game’s third tie, 117-117. After Brandywine’s A$$ posted four in the next rotation, Sugar Shock collected eight points in jam 3 and flipped the scoreboard back to St. Chux’s favor, 125-121.

SCDC pushed the score to 142-126 with 18:40 left but Brandywine regained the lead soon after as A$$’ 19-1 jam put the Belligerents on top, 145-143, just under two minutes later. Like prize fighters, both teams continually traded points, and penalties, as the period continued.

Leading 164-163 heading into jam 12, Brandywine churned a 37-12 run over the next nine minutes. Accented by A$$’ 18-point jam with 7:40 left, the tenth seed continued on to widen their lead to 200-175.

Via another non-lead power jam, St. Chux slashed into the deficit as Knight-N-Gale’s 19-5 strike with just 5 minutes remaining made Brandywine’s lead shrink to eleven points, 205-194. Freakout followed to make the score tighter, with just 8 points between the teams.

Brandywine responded with ten points over the next two jams. Lemon’s two-pointer was followed by eight from Allie and the Belligerents pushed the score to 215-197 with 2:05 left.

On the game’s penultimate jam, Brandywine’s A$$ drew a forearm penalty, resulting in SCDC’s fifth power jam of the period. And then, after Knight-N-Gale collected a grand slam, A$$ exited the penalty box but was whistled upon re-entry for illegal procedure. As a result, another power jam was awarded to St. Chux. When the dust had settled on the rotation, Knight-N-Gale finished with 14 points overall, SCDC narrowed the score to 215-211 and A$$ remained in the penalty box with 00:16 left.

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

Photo credit Danforth Johnson

The ensuing power start for St. Chux in the game’s final jam resulted in Knight-N-Gale grabbing lead as the period clock expired. With 1:30 left in the jam clock, Knight-N-Gale scored a grand slam and called it, resulting in the five point pass that gave SCDC the breathlessly narrow solo-point win in the tourney’s fifth place game, 216-215.

The narrative of jammer penalties replicated in the second period as the Belligerents had seven jammer penalties while SCDC was whistled for two, resulting in St. Chux’s 14-3 power jam advantage for the game.

Knight-N-Gale topped the St. Chux ledger with 81 points (and 409 in her four game docket) while Conner finished with 63. With its 3-1 result at Cleveland, St. Chux finishes the season 5-9. Lemon paced Brandywine with 78 points, followed by A$$’ 70. The sixth place finish, and 2-2 weekend result, pushed the Belligerents to a 9-5 season.


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