D2C: #1 Santa Cruz (#42) crushes #9 OKVD (#58), 256-90.

D2C: #1 Santa Cruz (#42) crushes #9 OKVD (#58), 256-90. Photo by Danforth Johnson

CLEVELAND, OH— Game 5 of the 2015 International WFTDA D2 Playoffs was dominated by the #1 seed Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells  (#42) over the 9th seeded Oklahoma Victory Dolls (#58). Both teams competed in D1 tournaments last season before slipping back into D2, a growing trend throughout the D2 tournaments. Despite cleaning up their jammer penalties from the previous game, the Victory Dolls were not able to pull out a win against Santa Cruz. The Boardwalk Bombshells won heavy handedly, 256-90. Santa Cruz will advance to play the winner of Game 6: Treasure Valley versus Demolition City tomorrow at 2pm EDT.

Fatal Inferno took the star in the first jam against Queen Litigious, who took lead and 1 point. In the next jam, Frisky Biscuits, headed off to the box on a forearm, granting a power jam to Czech 1-2 of Oklahoma, which resulted in the first lead change of the game, 8-1. TARAism added 2 points to Santa Cruz’s total but they still trailed the Victory Dolls. Santa Cruz continued to nickel and dime their way to retake the lead.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

In a reverse of fortune, Czech 1-2 handed a power jam to Frisky Biscuits, who scored enough to put Santa Cruz in the lead, but also picked up a track cut. Czech 1-2 was once again the recipient of a power jam courtesy of a forearm penalty against Frisky Biscuits, which she took advantage of with 18 points.

Once Santa Cruz reclaimed the lead, the game was in their control. With the exception of a couple of power jams in Oklahoma’s favor, Santa Cruz dictated the speed and style of play.

Santa Cruz’s offense came from a number of sources. TARAism scored 53 points without a penalty in the first half and Roasted Pony followed close behind with 32 points. Queen Litigious maintained a 100% lead percentage in the first half while Shamrock N. Roller consistently offered successful offense, using clears and hits to make way for the Boardwalk Bombshells jammers to pass through. Additional screens and offensive blocks were made by Corazone.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson


Defensively, Shamrock N. Roller, as the pivot for Santa Cruz, held down the top of the pack, using her shoulder to lay out the opposing jammers. OKVD’s Lethal Lamb adapted to Shamrock N Roller’s style of blocking by pivoting 360º just prior to being hit. In an attempt to escape Santa Cruz’s hard hitting defense, OKVD passed the star late in the jam when their jammers could not escape from the pack. This generally happened after multiple scoring passes and close to the jam clock expiring, too late to be effective.

At the half Santa Cruz led 122-36.

Santa Cruz continued to dominate in the second half with the exception of a few jams. Fatal Inferno was able to make four scoring passes—her first points of the game—with Frisky Biscuits in the pack, when taking advantage of a run of blocker penalties against Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz showed their flexibility, shifting between multiple defensive formations. They switched from a power quad, to tripods, to bracing four walls, and one on one. In contrast the Victory Dolls stuck with a standard four wall for the majority of the game.

Beans, a formidable blocker from Santa Cruz, fouled out late in the game, the first and only foul out from both teams. Roasted Pony, in her first playoff appearance as a jammer, scored 63 for Santa Cruz. In the last jam of the game, Frisky Biscuits was sent to the box for the fourth time. Despite the late power jam, the deficit was too great for Oklahoma to overcome and Santa Cruz won, 256-90.

Santa Cruz will play #5 seed Demolition City tomorrow at 2pm EDT while the Oklahoma Victory Dolls enter the consolation bracket and play at 4pm EDT. Watch live on WFTDA.tv.

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