ECDX 2015 Highlights

ECDX 2015 Highlights Stockholm went 2-1 at ECDX, which should give them a good boost in the rankings. Photo by Joe Mac.

FEASTERVILLE,PA– East Coast Derby Extravaganza 2015 packed a lot of derby action into 3 days as it has for the past 9 years, and provided us with some rankings upsets and great rivalries. This year was once again an international affair with Stockholm Roller Derby being one of the international teams making the trip, and likely pushing their way up the WFTDA ranks with their results from the weekend. We were able to catch a few of the games over the weekend, here are a few highlights.

#1 Gotham vs. #9 Philly, 316-82

The matchup of Philly Roller Derby and Gotham Girls Roller Derby remains one of the longest standing rivalries in derby. The two teams first met nine years ago, in October 2006, where Gotham took the win 103-69. The teams have faced off 15 times since then, and while games have almost always fallen in favor with Gotham, Philly’s one-point win over the girls from New York City at 2009 Eastern Regionals remains one of the most heart-stopping games of roller derby ever played.

Heading into 2015, and yet another matchup at ECDX, both Philly and Gotham are in the midst of a season where some of last year’s top players have hung up their skates. For both teams, this has meant more reliance on veteran skaters to take the reins on track, often for multiple jams in a row. A longstanding record of wins against the Philadelphians in addition to a strengthened jammer lineup of Fisher Twice (formerly Slambda Phage) and Shortstop (a recent Australian import) helped the five-time Hydra winners slowly but surely carve out a 316-82 win against Philly.

Philly vs. Gotham. Photo by Joe Mac.

Philly vs. Gotham. Photo by Joe Mac.

While the ending was not surprising, Gotham’s penalty count was. After finishing up last year’s championships with a penalty count that would have given any referee a headache, Gotham appeared to have turned it around this year. During a tour of duty in Denver recently, Gotham’s penalty counts were almost non-existent at the end of games, wowing audiences world over. At ECDX 2015 in Feasterville, however, Gotham’s penalty count clocked in at more than 30 by game’s end. Philly, a team that often ends games with a few skaters near fouling out, clocked in at over 50.

#18 Charm City vs. #15 Windy City, 272-156

The first seven or eight jams were close scoring, but Charm City quickly pulled away as Windy’s walls disintegrated and Charm’s jammers became increasingly successful. Susy Pow, and the rest of Charm’s jammer rotation, found success on the outside lane where Windy’s walls crumbled against her link challenges and pushes.

By the end of the first quarter, Charm led by a solid margin while Windy struggled to re-form after turns 1 & 2. Jan Trainor of Windy City took on more jams as Chicago struggled to score against Charm’s strong defense.

Charm City vs. Windy City. Photo by Joe Mac.

Charm City vs. Windy City. Photo by Joe Mac.

Charm used the first of their team time-outs just as the final minute of the period ticked along. Windy gathered themselves and reinforced their blocking, while Charm held on to the front of the pack, leaving no space for error. The final jam for the period included a powerjam for Charm City, who protected their increasing differential against a last second star pass. At halftime Charm led 136-55.

The second half didn’t fare much better for Windy as they remained in penalty trouble. Charm kept pressing their advantage, rounding into the final game quarter as they passed the double century mark, while Windy remained well below at 82 points. Final score at 272-156, Charm City.

#31 Stockholm vs. #18 Charm City, 210-147

Charm City also took on Stockholm, who came over to the U.S. from Sweden ranked at #31. They proved to be stronger than their rank, as they took a 97-point win over #17 Detroit, and only lost to #19 Montreal by 32 points.

Charm City started the game out strong, and held Stockholm to 0 points for 5 minutes. It was only after the first power jam in their favor that Stockholm was able to put up points. However, ten minutes in the Swedes took the lead and did not relinquish it.

Charm vs. Stockholm. Photo by Joe Mac.

Charm vs. Stockholm. Photo by Joe Mac.

Charm City’s defense struggled to contain Mad Malooney and Lil Slinky when they hit the pack with speed. Stockholm’s power quad, a braced rotating cube-like formation, stifled Charm’s jammers and fended off Baltimore’s offensive efforts well. At the half Stockholm held a commanding lead, 142-53.

Stockholm played the second half with patience. They ran the clock effectively, burning time off blocker penalties and sometimes choosing to trust their defense to hold back Charm while their jammers racked up scoring passes. This strategy did hurt their differential slightly toward the end of the game however. Stockholm’s jammers opted to focus on the opposing jammer on the line, which resulted in Charm getting lead status in a string of jams.

Despite the momentum swing that Charm City was finally able to push in their favor, the deficit was too much to overcome so late in the game. Stockholm beat the number 18 ranked Charm City, 210-147. This win, alongside the rest of their performance at ECDX 2015, will surely boost Stockholm Roller Derby in the rankings just in time for playoff season.

Philly Juniors vs. Ithaca Jr. Photo by Joe Mac.

Philly Juniors vs. Ithaca Jr. Photo by Joe Mac.

ECDX 2015 Scores:

Philly Juniors vs. Ithaca Jr., 303-225
MRDA #3 Shock Exchange vs. MRDA UNR (FTS #42) Penn Jersey Hooligans, 688-7
WFTDA #31 Stockholm vs. WFTDA #17 Detroit, 259-162

WFTDA #104 Salisbury vs. WFTDA #108 Royal City, 328-245
WFTDA #216 Albany vs. WFTDA UNR (FTS #285) State College, 178-129
WFTDA #113 Garden State vs. WFTDA #97 Lansing Vixens, 191-180
MRDA #6 Mass Maelstrom vs. MRDA UNR (FTS #28) Jersey Boys, 244-63
WFTDA #196 Rock Coast vs. WFTDA #240 Hudson Valley 189-165
WFTDA #80 DC vs. WFTDA #87 Ithaca, 201-195
GGRD: Wall Street Traitors vs. PRD: Independence Dolls, 268-116
WFTDA #18 Charm City vs. WFTDA #15 Windy City, 272-126
WFTDA #108 Royal City vs. WFTDA #115 Connecticut, 218-179
WFTDA #19 Montreal vs. WFTDA #31 Stockholm, 206-174
WFTDA #97 Lansing Vixens vs. WFTDA #98 Providence, 174-170
WFTDA #9 Philly vs. WFTDA #17 Detroit, 351-127

WFTDA #196 Rock Coast vs. WFTDA UNR (FTS #285) State College 249-51
MRDA UNR (FTS #42) Penn Jersey Hooligans vs. MRDA UNR (FTS #28) Jersey Boys, 210-180
GGRD: Grand Central Terminators vs. PRD: Block Party, 293-67
WFTDA #104 Salisbury vs. WFTDA #115 Connecticut, 302-204
WFTDA #97 Lansing Vixens vs. WFTDA #240 Hudson Valley, 299-73
WFTDA #1 Gotham vs. WFTDA #9 Philly, 316-82
WFTDA #87 Ithaca vs. WFTDA #113 Garden State, 150-134
WFTDA #31 Stockholm vs. WFTDA #18 Charm City, 210-147
WFTDA #98 Providence vs. WFTDA #80 DC, 197-191
WFTDA #19 Montreal vs. WFTDA #15 Windy City, 303-97
MRDA #3 Shock Exchange vs. MRDA #6 Maelstrom, 312-106